Hey Alan!

Hey Alan this is Larry (lario48}. Just talking to GaPony on 4/20 and your name came up. Just thought I would check in and see how you’re doing. Fine I hope.

Take Care,

Hey Larry, long time no hear from you, yeah Pony is a pain in my arse. You can tell him that. :givesmile: Miss you though buddy? How’s the family?

You too. Family is fine. Yours too I hope. Yeah I talk to Pony every year on 4/20 and his birthday. I’ve been in touch with him ever since 1Click Forum shut down. I used to have a lot of interaction with Gregory since I’m still in the dark ages copying DVDs. He’s got 1Click running so smooth though that I never have to contact him anymore. You know who I would like to hear from is Shannon. She stopped posting on the Forum soon after I became Moderator.

Well Take Care

Miss you bro, stop by more often.

Will do

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