really need this. hope it works for me 2


opps… I need 2 post to be able to DL that. thanks




Thanks for the software.


Thanks for the help.


Thanks for the file



Thanking GOLDSTAR611 for the tool and also post number 2.


Eager to give it a try


please tell me a way to copy video file from truscont protected dvd please tell me please


can someone help me that my cd is copy protected.


i hope gold star611 can help me. wr r u man?


First of all, did you take time to read the thread? I just did and there are loads of good hints and tips found along with downloads.
Secondly, what year is your CD from? I am asking since they changed the protection a bit around 2008?

The HexaLock protection system is as far as I know discontinued by now and is a micro fingerprinting scheme in the veins of Starforce bound to become incompatible in time, just like Starforce.

To be able to use the tools posted in this thread (it is old), it seems that you need to have access to a XP computer and if you have access to a XP installation CD, you can install VirtualBox which is a VM (virtual machine) host and install XP on that (an old image backup may also be possible to restore and brought to working state by uninstalling graphics, sound and other specific drivers).
If you do not have access to a XP installation CD, Hiren’s BootCD may be of help as it includes a MiniWinXP. If you use Rufus to create the Hiren’s image as a bootable USB, you will not even waste a disc in the process :slight_smile:


Trying to DL unhexalock 1 & 2 from “downloads of UnHexaLock v1/2 & 3 can be found” here but just get as fas as the message: Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private
Any suggestions please as to where I can DL it?
thank you and enjoy your day


Sorry about that. The forum is transitioning to new server software and so I guess this is related to that.

Anyway, I’ve uploaded the files here: http://boud.it/myce/hexalock.zip
The archive contains (to my knowledge) all files that are offered for download in the thread. I have not tested any of them though, but as I write above some of them requires Windows XP for proper operation.


Hi Xercus, thanks for that, unfortunately I still cannot unlock the .pdf I need to, but it might come in handy in the future :smile:


You’re welcome.
It was worth a shot, but please take time to read the thread thoroughly as there are many hints found.

I am way too slow deleting stuff and this was offlined in July last year as part of my previous reply. In other words you were in luck :smile:


Pls give again the link to full working version revision 1 and 2



The link three posts up is still working :wink:


Solved, thx :slight_smile: it`s alive :slight_smile: