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Thanks for the information


posting to download

Trying to access Cummins CD. What were they thinking when they decided to use Hexalock??


Well… I am struggling to retrieve 2 pdf files from a Truscont protected CD. I’ve tried to use UnHexalock. The thing is that I can manage to copy the file to my hdd, but when I try to open it acrobat just says that can’t open the file because it has been damaged, and if I run the runme before and the UnHexalock after and try to copy it I get a message saying "[I]The operation was blocked - Overwriting of modifying existing fils is temporary not permiteed. If you are no longer using the protected content, you may restart the application (Adobe Professional) in order to remove this restriction[/I]"
Can anyone help me?


No longer able to access my Jag CD so also posting to download.
A great many thanks to those who were involved in this.


Thanks for the help.

Can´t understand why it is impossible to open a bought cd without help.


i am having problem play a cd that was made for windows xp with windows 8. I am getting message Failed Hexalock protection system, error 146.


Is there a way to use hexalock with more than on file at once / or a whole directory??
I am having a USB Stick with Truscont I want to backup - and a lot of small files (encrypted xml that include the content) on it.


Hello. I’m trying to get the unhexalock for our DVD with truscont protection. Hope it works.


Thanks for the file


File is on page 7 of this thread btw


awesome thanks for sharing! you da man!


Same here, Have a tractor cd with hexalock


Hello, I cannot seem to get this to work. I have a CD-ROM manual for a Land Rover and I cannot open it… I get the error message “Cannot Find Any Protected DVD-R Disc” whenever trying to open it. This is my second manual because the original CD had the same problem so I returned it and this one isn’t any different. I recall seeing “start_here.exe” but it could’ve been on the CD I had returned. On this CD there’s only two applications one name “RunMe” the other is named “LHP29” I really need this manual ASAP and I would appreciate all the help I could get. Thanks!


Thanks for the files!


Hi Guys,

Using the files on this site (Thanks GoldStar611!!) and VMware Workstation I’ve been able to extract the PDF files encrypted with Hexalock from a CD/DVD.

I’ve made a guide here:


Please let me know if you run into any issues with the guide and feel free to PM me if you need any assistance.




Thank YOU!!