Thank you
Trying this now


I looked all over for this tool, thank you so much!


Thanks for the hard work with hexalock, worked like a charm!


Hi! Thanks!


thank you i hope it works

the DVD i have , has Video files protected by that Truscont, how to UNHEX the video files???

none of this works


hope it Works but why 2 posts 2 download?


Post for unlock down load


show me the link to download…


thanks for the link


not working…as i have truscont limited secured pendrive data…


Post number 1 for unhexalock


Looks like this could be what I need to unlock a load of Land Rover and Mini workshop manuals…


[QUOTE=DavidHaycox;2742567]Second post to get attachments.[/QUOTE]

I can second that!!!:bow:


It even works better than expected!, finally got my manual printed, tnx for the work, and walktru.


Does it works for videos also?


Well does it work with TrusCont ?


[QUOTE=GoldStar611;2505959]Sorry guys for not keeping up with this thread. I’ll upload the file here as an attachement. I don’t really have the time anymore to keep up here. I’m also uploading my Visual basic and assembly codes as well for those who are interested.
In general most tangible or created works are copyrighted without need of formal process at least in the US. With that said, I am releasing these source codes as public domain.
Thanks to all those who have PM’d me.[/QUOTE]
Want to extract contents of my dvd protected by TrusCont


I also need to know how to extract my dvd


Finally a way to have normal access to my manuals, thanks!


And thanks again :wink: