how to download unhexalock ?
how to use it ?


hello how to DL unHexalock ?


i dont know?


thanks this helped me


I have the same problem, Got a disc which is protected by Trustcont, and it has an expiry date, One of my disc expired lately and few of them will expire too…is there any way i can copy the disc? Please Its urgent

its a DVD disk with alot of educational videos about 8 of them and each one of them is abt 400mb or more…how to crack it?


If your license doesn’t cover a further usage of selected content you have to contact the publisher/distributor to renew the license, or to find another adequate solution.


Ummm is’nt there any paid apps which can decrypt or sumthn like that?


I want to Download Hexalock…please provide me link


Hi Guys, First post. Good information.

Thanks for the dl.


Stuck in the same position with a maintenance manual. Don’t want to drag my computer to the shop each time and can’t print the pages I want.

Thanks for the hard work and DL


thanks buddy youre a diamond

works awesome for me


Thanks GoldStar!

And thank you for sharing!


Posting to download unhexalock #1

Posting to download unhexalock #2


Posting to download unhexalock #1

Posting to download unhexalock #2


Posting to download unhexalock - number 1

Posting to download unhexalock - number 2 - hope to be able to download now.


Yes it works!!! Thanks Goldstar611!!!

Downloaded the rev 1+2 package and downloaded the 2 missing files from MS here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/957924

Copy the missing 2 files to windows\system (not system32) and run these 2 commands in an elevated command prompt

regsrv32 %systemroot%\System\comdlg32.ocx and
regsrv32 %systemroot%\System\mswinsck.ocx

both should be succesful.

After this I ran the acrobat.exe file and chose the location for output and then the encrypted file on the cd (run the clickhere.exe file first to unlock the file).

It opens and runs the file in part2.exe automatically and outputs the PDF file to the location you chose.

After this I ran a decrypt command via Free PDFill Tools to make it readable for others.

And thats it!


This is the first post required to download Unhexalock.

Thanks for spending the time to make such a useful tool!


Thanks a lot!


Stopping by to try out GoldStar611’s hack.

…but obviously I need to add two post before I can access it


Waiting to get unhexalock
Gonna download it now