hey guys! this is not working in win8 :sad:

hexalock PartII its not worikng! how its work!??!!




Thank you!


How to download hexalock?

I am going to use in truscont dvd…let me try and post the results…


Thanks fro the links

will give it a go


Got an device with all docs on cd, but it doesn’t work on windows 8. ANd i can’t copy them to read on my linux laptop. With IDA found strings with “hecalock” messages, googled it and now I’m here.

P.S. thanks for the tools


looking for tool for anti protection


Trying to make backup of service manual


@Goldstar611, sounds good to me! Looking forward to try this… :slight_smile:

Let’s see if it works well for my service manual as well!


how do i unlock truscont protected video dvd. all ripping softwares have been ineffective

i tried the dvd to dvd rip to copy truscont protected disc…but it doesnt work


thanks for all the work that was put in to this!

worked perfectly!!!
got my old windows xp only cd working again on win7! thanks again…


Sorry another dumb one trying to unlock hexalock. Need a post!


[QUOTE=GoldStar611;2505959]Sorry guys for not keeping up with this thread. I’ll upload the file here as an attachement. I don’t really have the time anymore to keep up here. I’m also uploading my Visual basic and assembly codes as well for those who are interested.
In general most tangible or created works are copyrighted without need of formal process at least in the US. With that said, I am releasing these source codes as public domain.
Thanks to all those who have PM’d me.[/QUOTE]

Thank-you for uploading this. I have a 10 year old CD rom full of PDF’s I need and I can’t do anything with it except to view it on an old XP machine. I’ll give this a try and post my results.


I need this for a land rover dvd.

Just posting to get my minimum


I try but still doesnt works… I cant see the documents


this is my first one

and here comes the second one


this is my second post


Wow !!! GoldStar611 you rock man magician!!!..awesome the revision 1 & 2 Still works like a charm

Long Live GoldStar611


Posting so i can get the attachment to give this a go…

Surely someone could upload the file elsewhere so this wasn’t necessary?

Edit: Here’s some links…


does anyone know where I can get a copy of unhexalock?