I started by doing a search on hexalock, and the best thread I came across was this one http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=98529.

it seems that either hexalock has learned some new tricks in the passt 2 years, or these techniques were not 100 percent garunteed to work in the first place.

I have tried
blindwrite 5

a back up copy of the software would be wonderful, but i would settlefor a backup image. I work for an ag company and this software goes out into the field and often comes back damage, the company charges a $25 replacement fee for the damaged discs. I have a library of these copy protected discs at 4 sites. this is becoming a major head ache, and I was wondering if anyone else had solved these problems.

thank you for any help


I also have a problem with the Hexalock protection. I want to make a Image from the CD (The CD is brand new and there is learing material for the students of our university on it. I want to sell the CD next year. So I trie not to use the CD). But even the Image made with alkohol 120% will not run. I don’t speak of burning it, even the image on my PC does not work. Does anyone know what to do?

I am glad to see that I am not the only one encountering problems with hexalock.

I hope someone out there has found the solution. I am willing to provide any information, that someone might need to help overcome this problem.

I am will to try any suggestions. or if you can point me in the right directions your help will be very much apprieciated. Everything I have read so far has basically told me to give up. But this really is worth my time to try and solve.

Thank you for your help

try daemon tools latest version with your alcohol image its updated more frequently
look at using extra emulation options.
you may also want to read their forums as curerom has proved to be a good program to use in conjunction with daemon tools. :slight_smile:
I understand that there is a profile using clone cd with clone cd fan profiler 5 for hexalock unfortunately its in german .
has anybody got a link or download available for this and the profile?

did anyone have those links?

i also have an image protected by hexalock, anyone figure out how to copy this yet, ive tried everything, including clone cd 5 and nothing seems to work :frowning:

just checking back in with this issue, i used clone cd 5 as well as every configuration of alcohol i could come up with. and even tried some diffrent settings in daemons tools. these cds are still unable to be turned into disc imiages, let alone make a true back up copy.

I hope someone takes this as a challenge. beacause if this is the level of security some farm equipment software is getting, how long befor it goes main stream, if it truelly works thiswell?

Maybe post your problems with Hexalock emulation at Daemon-Tools forum ? I think that they could help you out with that issue.

just did, lets hope those guys have figured it out

deamon’s tool hexalock topic
just so tht it is linked in both directions.

hopefully we will find an answer to this copy protection scheme.