Hexalock Copy Protection

Hi everyone,
I have some fantastic disks that I want to back up (for my own security) called “Teaching Comprehension” and am having real trouble. It is a data disk protected by HexaLock and I’m trying to extract an image on the harddrive to save lugging around disks. I have done a lot of reading on Hexalock and I haven’t found anything that allows one to back this disk up. The disk loads fine on my work computer (TEAC DW-225) but won’t load at all on my home computer (PIONEER DVR-111D). I try to not use the work computer for backing up. Here are some snippets of information I have found…

On the 04-02-2004 muzchap wrote…

[FONT=Calibri]Yup, this is again one of those protections that would require some ISO patching before a backup can be made - this is due to the wrapper encryption via decoding from secure blocks on the disc.
I believe this is roughly the same principle as Star-Force, therefore the problem is not the extraction of these sectors, it is the extraction of the digital signature contained in the data preparation sector of the CD.
It shouldn’t be too long before the boys figure out a way to extract this key, if it can be read by the PC, it can be written! :slight_smile:

On the 17-06-2004 Vulcan wrote…

[FONT=Calibri]than i tried ALCOHOL 120%…enabled all availabe options and copied the cd. to my surprise, i loaded the image to a virtual drive the application WORKED…
BUT when i burned the image to disk, the application asked for the original disk…(emulation didn’t help here…)
then i used BLINDWRITE 5… no options to choose at all (the 2 settings that can be set are on auto… )…and not only did the image work …BUT burning the image to CD WORDED AS WELL…

I have tried using ALCOHOL 120% and PROTECTION ID on my home computer but have had no luck. Can someone give me some advice?

Is Hexalock a hard protection to break?


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