Hexalock Copy Protection



I have a CD-ROM protected by hexalock that I would like to back-up. I have tried Alcohol 120%, BlindWrite and others with no success.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


didnt found any info on how to beat it on google , seems the that protection exsist since 2002 and if since then no one managed to bypass it maybe its unbeatable :sad:

edit just found this http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?p=615661


Thanks for locating that thread but I already tried what they suggested and it did not work.

Has anyone found a way to backup a Hexalock protected CD-ROM or is this considered “unbreakable” for now?



To be able to bypass it succesfully, we need more information about the disk.

Does the CD contain errors ? If so in what sectors ? Maybe analyzing the sectors with a sector dumper would give us very useful data because by inspecting that 3 protections were explained and later defeated: TAGES, SecuROM and SafeDisc 2.


Thanks for the response.

The CD copies with no problems but when the back-up is inserted it asks for the original CD. The same happens with an image of the CD run with an emulator like Alcohol 120 or Daemon.

I have the feeling that I will just have to be very careful not to scratch the disk and give up on the idea of a backup.

Thanks again for all the help.


Don’t give up so easily! I was only saying that we all need some more infos about the disc…

Does the disc contain errors, for example ? Like SafeDisc…


can someone help me to unlock cd protection


pls its urgent, someone help me