Hexalock 4.0

WEll here it is a thead asking how the heck to i get a patch of any sort to backup this hexalock disc i have. I know theres gotta be a way and if not someones got to have some ideas… :smiley:

Are you able to tell us or find out anything about how the protection works?

well basically as i understand it when the drive goes to copy the gapped sectors are read by the drive. it fools the optics into seeing that its got errors when it doesnt.

^ I’m afraid that doesn’t sound right. If a drive can read sectors of a disc in playing it, presumably it can also read the same sectors when making an image.

Try making an image using alcohol with only the Ignore read errors option checked and post the log file.

philamber , read tages information.

Do you mean that Hexalock is a copy protection like Tages (i.e. predominantly using twin sectors as its protection)? :confused:


It seems that i have found a security hole in the Hexalock (file HCPSmng.exe Ver. 2.01.04538)
I have an original CD with one electronic book ( scrambled PDF files).
Nothing works (blindwrite alcohol etc, you always get a mesage “please insert original cd”). You also can not copy modify print save etc information what you see on your monitor. If you kill hexalock process, acrobat also will be killed.

The solution:

Launch original cd and open some encripted file ( PDF in my case). In this time HCPSmng.exe tryes to inject its code into 3 processes. you should kill the first one and allow two others. Then after PDF is launched and info is decoded, suspend the main hexalock process (HCPSmng.exe) with appropriate tool, eg “procexplorer”. then go with windows explorer directly into original cd, select desired files and with right mouse button make " send to mail recipient". Outlook express will open with decrypted files attached. Cap an inet connection and make “send”. After unsuccesfull send procces close Outlook express and then kill the rest of Hexalock processes.
Now you can open outlook and have your decrypted files as attachment in “outbox”. Bingo!!!

This procedure is tested only on given cd with given HCPSmng.exe version.



any update to this? I have a hexalock cd i want to get pdfs from too. The procedure below doesn’t seem to work…