Today I found this puzzle game.

It can seems easy, but it’s rather difficult to solve, and I’m still stuck on first levels :sad:

Take a look at this game :bigsmile:

The game is free and also portable, i.e. doesn’t require any installation: simply download the zip package and unpack on any folder.

A drawback I found is that for some unknow reason the little game makes the CPU run at 100%. I wonder if this is due to a crappy ATI video driver :doh:

Am I the only one with this issue?

WOOT!! I just completed 11 levels :bigsmile:


Classic example of someone with entirely too much time on his hands-

It’s Friday night - why isn’t Geno out with Guido’s sister-eh? :confused:

Maybe because Guido has a M60 gun pointed on me? :eek:

Yo Geno-

Should know that it is really an [I]UZI[/I]-eh!! :iagree: :iagree: :eek:

:eek: now I’m seriously worried :eek:

btw I solved some more levels :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: black points are levels not yet solved :doh:

It’s your fault Geno, this can be addicting. :slight_smile:

:cool: :cool:

I completed some more levels indeed :bigsmile:

I am here so far.

:cool: :cool:

No…I’m addicted, too! So simple, yet so…

can’t finish, as his attention turns back to the game, which he hasn’t played for 10 minutes

24% complete. I installed the program a couple of hours ago, and it’s already on my Frequently Used Program list in the Start Menu. :doh:

This is my current level

I think I might be stuck at 27% for a while…these levels throw my brain off track.

I am on a bit of a slow down right now.

:cool: :cool:

Cute game geno - thanks for posting :bigsmile: :flower:
In windows I get CPU usage at around 25% when it is running.

I was trying to install in Linux, but didn’t have one of the packages I needed as I let my Suse install disk at home :a
I will definitely make this a Linux game when I get home thought.

My lappy uses 60% of CPU cycles–and the fan stays on, so I assume it’s at the 1.6 GHz frequency and it’s getting hot. But game play is still smooth. Haven’t tried on my desktop–I am sure I would get better results as far as CPU usage goes. I’m about to lock my lappy to 800 MHz and see if I get very far with it.

Edit: 800 MHz uses 100% of the CPU–that means both cores are in use.
Edit 2: Setting the Affinity of the game to 1 core leaves my usage at ~65%, but the game runs fine.

Gee I am only using 2% of my CPU resources, then again I am using a 512mb video card.

Getting a little further.

:cool: :cool:

:sad: I was able to solve only one more level…

I’ve only got to about 20% of the game, but we were all playing at work today :iagree:
Lot of my colleagues in China now have this game on their pcs too :bigsmile:

hehehe… As said platinumsword, this game can cause addiction :stuck_out_tongue:

Getting a little further.

:cool: :cool: