Hewlett-Packard Pulling Out Of Retail CD+RW Market



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The largest vendor of CD rewriteable drives, Hewlett-Packard Co., will phase out its entire retail CD+RW product line by the end of the year in favor of…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2631-Hewlett-Packard-Pulling-Out-Of-Retail-CDRW-Market.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2631-Hewlett-Packard-Pulling-Out-Of-Retail-CDRW-Market.html)

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Maybe this can be a good thing. Hopefully the DVD-RW wars can finally begin and the prices can start going down.


LOL. This is great! HP burners SUCK. Or last least they used to. I had the 7200i and it made more coasters than working CD’s and then stopped working after like 8 months. I got a replacement off of them, it was faulty too, and so was the replacement for that unit. Got my Plextor 124Tsi now and mmmmmmmm, does it do nice burning. Gotta love the old plex.


No big deal really since HP burners are just rebadged Sony ones (well internal ones are, unsure about external burners), and here in Australia at least, they cost more than the equivilant Sony drive.


yep NighthawK is right. HP are just a virtual brand who change the GRP moulding on the drive, add an LED and charge your a quarter again and don’t bother supporting it with future drivers. I had the 7100i and had to use a hacked firmware update to get it to burn 80min CD’s. No problems ie. breakage or coasters but changed it quickly afterwards!! :frowning:


Well, I won’t cry a tear for them. Perhaps will you?
No I won’t :wink: I’ll stick to my Plexie :stuck_out_tongue:


i have a creative CDRW 6x4x24. it’s old but it’s great. it’s slow and has no coaster protection but i’ve only made 1 coaster and that was entirely my fualt. HPs cost more than teac/creative drives here in canada, and i hear they are crappier.


no HP drives are PHILLIPS in disguise, i had one of there peices of junk for a bit over a year, i forget the model, it did as apparently all the burners of that model did. When i took it to bits it has phillips components everywhere, at a fancy price :frowning: