Hewlett Packard may be leaving the PC market

Looks like one of the industry leaders in personal computer sales is looking to spin off its pc business. A report at Bloomberg states that HP is focusing on software and enterprise services in the future and they are acquiring Autonomy, the second largest software company in the UK for approximately 10 billion dollars.

PC’s are becoming less relevant, and less profitable. The shift from pc’s to portable devices is coming faster and faster, and is not particularly good news for those of us who rely on the computing power that desktops can provide. I’m just glad that I build my own, and that components are still readily available.



Their press release also confirms this spinoff is being considered. The pc business is contained in their Personal Systems Group.

they should there computers got to where they were rated as the worse for needing repairs in the first two years. They can only blame themselves for this

HP (read Compaq) has been the most reliable brand i’ve used in professional business.
For consumer business i advise the weirdest brand you can possibly find. Usually they can do more stuff than any normal brand can.