Hewlett Packard CD16 CD-Writer Problem



My friend is having problems with his computer and his HP CD-Writer CD16 burner. Up until a few days ago, it was working fine. Computer boots up okay, both CD drives appear (CDROM as D:\ and CD-R as E:). Well, today he goes to burn a CD and notices there is no E:\ drive. Tried to reboot to see if it would come back and nothing. Also noticed that the startup takes longer than normal.

Now this had happened in the past and I had to unplug the CD-R and reboot the machine. No drive (fine), turn off the machine, reconnect CD-R and turn on and go into the setup and make sure that the drive was detected. It was and then it worked fine from that point, until a couple of days ago.

He has WindowsXP, and didn’t have this problem with 98 before it got upgraded. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this would happen and if there is a way we can prevent it/get it to work without haveing to fiddle with opening the machine and playing with the cables.




please help if possible, any suggestions…


Hi there and welcome aboard,

As the drive was detected upon reconnecting it, I think there may be a problem with the IDE drivers on the system. If there are IDE drivers from NVidia (NForce 2) or Intel (Intel Application Accelerator or IAA) installed, please remove those by uninstalling the IDE channels in the hardware tab of the system properties. Upon rebooting, the drives on the channels will be redetected and function with the (good working) MS drivers…