Hewlett Packard CD-Writer PLus 8200 series

Hello , is there any firmware upgrade for HP CD-Writer Plus series 8200 ? Thanks a lot

hei kaybing27 and all other readers, I wonder (I have just bought a NEC 2500B, and the firmware possibility has just come 2 my attention for an hour ago) if any have the results of their firmware upgrades…does it work?? and do you need some kind of extra ordinary software to burn the 2 layer DVD’s???



I can’t get this link to work. I’m having some problems with my hp cd-writer 8200 series (8290). It will not write to cds- it gets to 99% and freezes on WMP. On other writer applications it gets to 50% and freezes. I’m getting very frustrated with this. Pleas help me somebody. xxx

WMP is crap, for burning something especially.

Use Nero or Imgburn.