Hewlett-Packard Blank DVD's?

Has anyone tried using HP DVD’s to backup your movies? How are they?
Are they considered to be quality media?

Thank you.


It’s generally CMC media, but not always. HP media

CMC has always worked very well on my burners, but some burners have poor firmware and don’t support it well. Burns great on my Benq and NEC burners though.

I have used hp +R 4x, +R 8x and -R 8x all worked fine with my SOHW 1693s

Hey jimbob… Easy answer. They SUCK!!!:Z As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. If your in the States go to www.supermediastore.com or www.rima.com and get yourself some Taiyo Yudens and enjoy the best media made. And that’s Not just my opinion. :bigsmile:

They suck and yet I’ve burned hundreds without a single coaster, getting very good PI/PIF results from all of my HP discs? :confused:

If you don’t like them, it doesn’t mean they suck.

They suck when they don’t stand anywhere near close to the TY’s. And if you like, I can gladly show you results to back my statement. :iagree: Can you have consistant 97 to 99 quality scores with HP discs like I can with TY’s and Verbatums for that matter. I don’t think so.

You ‘think’ wrong then. :rolleyes:

Funny you say that, because that IS very typical of my HP and other CMC discs, quality scores range from 95-98 with nearly all of my CMC burns. My CMC discs rarely score below 95 and I’ve burned well over a thousand. CMC AE1 discs burn with quality rivaling my Fuji TY burns. CMC E01 discs burn nicely. CMC R01 2.4x discs burn at 8x with excellent results. No stability issues. Burn great on all 4 of my NEC and Benq burners. They don’t suck.

CMC AE1, 8x.

CMC E01, 8x.

CMC R01 2.4x rated media, 8x burn.

For me, Hewlett-Packard blank media (+R & +RW) has been the one constant in
three-and-a-half years of burning - excellent!

Hey scoobie & RS2… Looks like we’re in for a friendly argument. I will say your ONE lucky individual to get that performance. But I still say they Suck and so will a ton of other folks on this forum. I hope I can find the thread to show you but if not, might I suggest you look up a thread titled Best DVD media. If I’m not mistaken, it doesn’t even show HP media. It does show CMC Mag but it’s waaaaaaaaaaay down the list for favorites for members. Mind you this is not just me it is our fellow freaks opinions which are many. I will also ask you why this media (if it’s so great) has not shown up in any of the Dare threads or the Burn Hall of Fame thread. I challenge you to come on over to http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=151554 and bring your HP media and show us up. This is the 12X Dare thread in the BenQ forum. You will also find the Hall of Fame thread there along with a 16X Dare thread. Again I challenge you to come into those two also. I’m sure the likes of crossg, zevia, crankydan, Pinto2, ninbang to name a few, would be more than happy to see some fresh blood join in. If you can come into any of those threads and get a top 10 ranking, you’ll get me to reconsider my feelings on HP discs. But untill then, I’ll stick with they Suck!!! Because they have for me in the 4 to 500 of them that I’ve burnt. I look forward to seeing you there. :iagree:


And this from a guy that ‘scolds’ me for buying Genuine Ricoh 4x +R R01’s-eh!


Hey scoobie… I found it for you. See if you can explain why so few people didn’t vote for your alleged great media. :confused:


We’re awaiting your arrival in the Dare threads my friend.

Ahhhh shut up ya old Buzzard and lets hear what you really think about CMC Mag. :bigsmile:

No worries scoobie. I see your pretty new to the forum so I’ll let you know that Mike and I are friends from a ways back. If we talk nice to each other, then there’s something wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey jimbob338,
I bet you’re glad you asked…!

Sportfish, why are you speaking as if anyone made the suggestion that CMC is THE BEST media? I’ve never made the suggestion that it is the highest quality media on the market, only that it burns very well on all of my burners and it will burn well unless your burner/firmware sucks. So does TY. So does RICOHJPN. So does MCC. So does some Prodisc I’ve used. So does SOME Ritek I’ve used. It’s not an issue of luck, I’ve bought dozens and dozens of CMC discs from many different brands and several different media codes, I’ve never had an issue. They just burn well with all of my burners and their firmware.

About your linked poll, HP doesn’t even make media so I don’t know why you even brought that up. And once again, I’m not suggesting and have never suggested that CMC is the best media on the market. No, CMC generally will not give you PI/PIF levels of TY or MCC media, but my burns are VERY GOOD and I have ZERO issues of coasters with CMC - and I test at least half of my burns. My early 2+ year old CMC burns - PIF totals still in the few hundreds, they burn fine and they are stable.

If you are not happy with any media that burns with more than 200 PIF errors and quality scores of 98, then go ahead and keep on buying what you want. The only thing that seperates your TY discs with a quality score of 99 and 50 PIF vs. my CMC discs with quality scores of 97 and 500 PIF is a pretty little graph on a computer program. I don’t get my jollies off of getting perfection with every PI/PIF scan, I just want discs that function as they should - data can be properly read off of the discs. I run PI/PIF tests to confirm that the discs are burned well, I’m not interested in burn quality competitions. I use plenty of TY media as well and I have burns that are extremely low in PI/PIF levels. I bought TY because they were cheap at the time and they burn well. I buy CMC because it is often cheap and burns well. They both function exactly the same, I’m not going to waste my money and pay almost twice as much as I paid for most of my CMC discs for a prettier PI/PIF scan.

Once again, I don’t know where you are coming up with this crap about me suggesting it was the best media on the market. And I’m not interested in your ‘Dare’ Thread :rolleyes:, I’m sure I have burns that would fit in with your ‘Hall of Fame’ and ‘Dare’ competitions, I simply don’t care.

Wow! I had no idea my thread would spark so much debate. I love it. All the feedback is great. Guess I’ll just have to try the HP’s myself to see how well they work with my burner (TDK Indi 4X). So far, I’ve used Sony DVD-R and
Fugi DVD+. All worked fine. I, too like to find quality media for a good price.
No sense in spending more if you don’t have to. I’m really learning a lot from
this forum. Thank you all for your input.

What the hell does CMC mean?

Thanks again, everyone.


Bottom line is buy what works for you but if you’ve paid twice as much for TY than CMC Mags, I might suggest you check out some other venders. $.27 cents ea. for unbranded TY’s is a price I believe everyone can afford. Hell that’s even cheaper than Best Buy’s $9.00 sale on a tub of 25 Fuji’s. But each to their own I guess and at least JimBob has gotten some good constructive critisism from both sides.
Peace and Happy Burnin.

Hey jimbob… Just an FYI for you. When buying any Fuji brand media, in +R, your best bet is to get tubs only marked made in Japan. This will be TY media.

Thats really to bad. :rolleyes: :sad:

Yes, buy whatever works for you. I have, and will continue to, buy CMC among other media, it works very well for me.

Regarding the comments on prices of media, finding good prices on media has certainly not been an issue for me. I’ve bought several hundred TY discs for $.20 apiece, and I’ve bought hundreds of CMC discs for half of that price (Teon branded discs at Staples, older HP and Philips discs clearanced, etc.).

If I can find a good deal on media that works well for me, I’ll buy some. If my CMC discs ever failed me or created a number of coasters, I wouldn’t use them. Especially failed discs, for example I wouldn’t personally feel comfortable in using Ritek G05 discs even if they were free, for fear of having the discs fail on me - it’s impossible to put a price on time spent, data lost, etc. My CMC discs have never given me any such issues, so I would never hesitate to continue buying them if I can find great deals on them as I have in the past.