Herrie's NEC 2510A FW w/ DL, Bitset, RPC1, riplock off, speeded media

I keep coming back to this page to check if Herrie has finished his new 2510 FW hack. I decided to start this thread so that when it’s ready, this thread can be updated with the link.

Herrie, any idea when?


Not everyone wants rpc1 and no lock media. Id love herries 2510a ready media but dont want rpc1 or no lock. sorry to say there seems to be no way to get what I want. so I test herries then always go back to stock.

Why are you against the rpc1 and no lock? Aren’t they nice to have anyway? Puzzled.

well I dont need them , and i dont believe in rip hacks. So I Dont want them.

What is so hard about herrie mod minus the rpc1 and rip

I need them :slight_smile:


If you don´t need them then it´s just nice to have them in case you need them later.
Riplock is just nice to get rid off, 2x rip is bad. I dont need rpc but i dont care about that, the mediaspeedups and riplock make it worth anyway.

Yes I too am eagerly awaiting this fine release from Herrie so I can use Bitsettiing for my very recently purchased 2510a. I can’t use the 1.07v2b5 currently out since my floppy drive broke yesterday, and DOS is the only way to flash it (or so I have read) since my burner is not the 2500a.
Does anyone know of a workaround so I can use the windows method to flash the 2510a with Herrie’s 1.07v2b5?
As I see it, it would be foolish for me to wait forever, I might as well use the best that is currently available than hold my breath for something without a release date:)
And before you ask, no I wil not replace my legacy floppy drive:)

You can start DOS by going to the START menu, execute, then type cmd, it’s not recommended but it is possible.

I have heard that method is not safe. Are you 100% sure it will work and 95% safe as long as I follow the instructions to a T for the DOS boot method.

They say that flashing in Windows isn’t safe either, never had any troubles…
It’s safe, not 100% but safe enough…

Thank you for the quick reply. Yes I think you have convinced me enough I will flash it through DOS in Windows:)

A safer method to get into ‘real-mode’ DOS with XP is to hit the F5 key during boot-up, This will give you a menu of boot options, the one of interest to you being ‘command prompt’. You could then ‘cd’ run the flasher off the hard drive or floppy, whichever is working or available.

If you don’t need them, there is a FW, specialy made for you, :smiley: . I’m not kidding - specialy made.
It’s a FW based on the original original HP520n v.2.21, which shows as a ND-2510A.

The advantage of this particular FW is only bitsetting (for You).
Alternatives are:
1. 2510A221 with bitsetting, RPC1 and RipLock
2. Herrie’s 1.07Beta5 with bitsetting, RPC1, RipLock, speedup, additional media

Yes thats a good idea bonzer, but when I tried your method to backup the firmware iit failed to write anything to the harddisk. I’ll try it again to flash the firmware after I solve the backing up problem :confused:

Interesting, it appears that the flash program might be defaulting to a floppy “A” drive internally??? Is there any way to override the path??? maybe try giving a full path in the statement, hence c:\yada.bin which would dump/write it from the root of c:

Now I start to understand some guys who have a problem backing up their FW’s.

Do not use a DOS boot diskett, farmated under WinXP.
Use Caldera or another DOS. This is explained very good by Wesociety in here .

If you have just your WinXP, then follow this:
1. Right click on your A: drive and select format… Then check Create an MS DOS startup disk and click on Start.
2. Delete the files EGA.cpi, EGA2.cpi and EGA3.cpi from the formated diskette.
3. Copy TDB’s flasher on your diskett and restart the machine.

Now the place is enough to fit the backup FW.

DVD_Boost, you are too good.
I used the winxp to make a dos bootdisc but I placed the bin and the exe on my c: and then I typed c:
ec2x00a.exe -sec -mas -flash 107v2b5d.bin
that’s faster flashed then when you have it on your floppy.

Hard disk is always faster.

I know, I hated the slow floppy… Ow and I found out my problem with bad burns, I now have 107v2b5 and it was the dvdrom 166s that had bad f/w, flashed it to vds1c with riplock off and rcp1. Now the curves are smooth.

Can the firmware “2510_221_ORIG” which can be got from “DVD Boost’s” link a few posts back be used in a NEC ND-2500A.