Herries NEC 2500A firmware and discussion (beta 8)



just thought id start a new thread since the beta 7 isnt relevent anymore.

heres his links to the download

Have fun testing!

Get it here:
Windows: http://herrie.rpc1.org/downloads/2k5107b8.rar
DOS: http://herrie.rpc1.org/downloads/2k5107b8-dos.rar

herrie please repost your original post on the release of this here.

thanks for your great work!


Herrie 107b7 vs. 107b8 on Memorex x4 +RW - (Ricoh W11)

Fairly significant improvement with 107b8 vs. 107b7, using high-cycle,
Ricoh x4 W11 +RW - (see Disks 5 and 6)
These +RWs have been used for recording TV news/shows, with at least
30 cycles on each.

Recorder: NEC 2500a - FW: 107b7
Media: Memorex x4 +RW (Ricoh W11) @ x4
RecordNow Max 4.5 - PX Engine 507

Disk 1
This +RW has at least 50cycles, quick-erased and burned with 2500a.
PI MAX: 21 - Average: 3.002
PO MAX: 6 - Average: 0.111

Disk 2
This +RW has at least 63cycles, quick-erased and burned with 2500a.
PI MAX: 44 - Average: 13.784
PO MAX: 11 - Average: 0.569

Disk 3 *
This +RW has at least 30cycles, quick-erased and burned with ULead MF2
PI MAX: 280 - Average: 14.534
PO MAX: 20 - Average: 0.906

Disk 4 *
Same disc as above, same data set, 2500 quick erased.
PI MAX: 26 - Average: 6.989
PO MAX: 8 - Average: 0.272

* - It appears the app burning engine may affect quality.
ULead MF 2 worked well with LiteOn, but may need burn engine update for 2500.
It may also be a marginal disc too… shrug

Disk 5 - (3.2gig)
Full erase with 2500, high-cycle +RW
PI MAX: 65 - Average: 17.073
PO MAX: 12 - Average: 0.828

Disk 6 - (3.2gig)
Installed 107b8 FW, quick-erase 2500, same as Disk 5, high-cycle +RW
PI MAX: 17 - Average: 2.031
PO MAX: 8 - Average: 0.114


Thought I’d butt in, I’ve checked the write speeds of a few discs and this is what I found with Beta 8


RITEKG04 - 6X !
AN30 - 6X !!
AN31 - 6X !!
AN32 - 6X !!
AML - 6X !!
MBI01RG20 - 6X
SONY04D1 - 6X
SKC Co.,Ltd. - 6X !!

MCC01RG20 - 8X
CMC MAG AF1 - 8X !
TTG01 - 8X
TYG01 - 8X


MCC 001 - 8X
MCC 002 - 8X
MCC 003 - 8X
MEDIA ID001 - 8X !!
001 - 8X !!
YUDEN000T02 - 8X
YUDEN000T01 - 8X
CMC MAG F01 - 8X !
MBIPG101R03 - 8X

! - means quality varies from batch to batch
!! - means (IMO) not desirable to burn at above nominal rated speed (with a few exceptions)

MBI01RG20 should be able to burn at 8X using MCC01RG20 write strategy, maybe in next beta?


A kprobe2 result of beta8 in action…

On the CMCMAGF01 as per usual, nothing stunning, no real change from what I can glean, nor should we expect one really…


Here’s a Kprobe2 scan of a TTG01 disc, freshly burnt at 8X using beta 8

Nice discs, still burn very well. KProbe2 results equate well to KProbe 1.129 results



CMC MAG AF1 discs are among the few DVD-R discs that burn at 8X using Beta 8, what did you do to their write descriptor that is different from all the other’s that only burn at 6x ???

Is this the clue you need to fix the firmware?


Ricohjpn_R01 4x at 8x

2500 1.07 beta8 f/w

scanned on lite-on 401s using kprobe1.1.29

size of burn 4.2gb


good job herrie!

finally my beloved (that is cheap and good) Nanya 001 (dvd-) are supported 6x!



Optodisck001 still only working @ 6x
(Infiniti 4x dvd-r White Top Disks)


heres the media code


please someone could told me where to download kprobe 2.0


Originally posted by BRCN
please someone could told me where to download kprobe 2.0

You could either
1> Look around the different parts of this forum or
2> Try the SEARCH button or
3> Use this Link

Choose wisely…


Burned at 8x Read with Liteon 166s With Beta reading Firmware.
Currently in status.


looks very nice start and middle is way better than beta7
but the end on beta8 is getting a little high compaired to beta7


RICOHJPNR01 discs are known to vary in quality even in the same batch, but your result is still very good.

KProbing with the XJ-HD166S drive gives some very “interesting” results…


I had one spool of ricohjpnr01 that burned perfectly at 8x
My next spool has problems burning at faster than 2x

hows that for quality variation
(both spools purchased in same order)


Originally posted by Jackass
[B]You could either
1> Look around the different parts of this forum or
2> Try the SEARCH button or
3> Use this Link

Choose wisely… [/B]

Thanks a lot jack i´ll try to download it
by the way… someone has tried to burn media with clone dvd burn engine?I´ve found that it burns better than nero or record now pi/po results are better specially pi´s


Here is b8 using Ritek G04 at 6x. The result is a bit better than 6x using b7 but not by much.



How the heck dou you get such beautiful kprobes with your liteon 166S?

Here is one of my best.

Well at least, compare the PO values.


Probably, he scanned at a different speed. You can use CD-Bremse (www.cd-bremse.de) or Nero Drive Speed to limit the reading speed of your DVD-Rom drive to 4x.


As I see, he used KProbe2. Maybe KProbe2 is able to limit the reading speed to 4x. Obviously, he has been able to - at least - set the speed @4x.