Herrie's F/w

With Herrie’s website down, where can I download some of his firmware solutions for my 2500A?



HerrieV2B5: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=690047&postcount=481

Thanks g-t;


Here is his Beta6 which is a bit newer I do believe 107v2b6

any specs for beta 6 available? also do you have the dos version?

I do not have alot of data on this other than it was put out after beta 5 with some minor fixes to strategys. No dos version that I can find.

Or you could use Herrie 2.16 RPC1 (with Ritek DL support)

Thanks to all who have anwered my call for help. Now comes the task of evaluating each of these firmwares to determine their benefits and drawbacks.

I’ll begin by diving into the Freaks forum and read what others have reported.


Yo Stan-

That is the BEST way to get a feel for the firmwares-

BTW I used 107v2b6 on my 2500 and it worked fine (has since been replaced with a 3500)-


When did Herrie come out with beta6? Is it better than beta5?

he never officially did but it was his last work in progress. I think it fixed some issues with dual layer failures that some were having with beta5 and he fixed a few more strategy issues. But you best bet is to use his 2.16 version or the new maddog 2f7 firmware as both of those are way newer than the others.

I looked at 2.16 and it is indeeed way newere but I don’t believe it has any of the media speeds ups that herries has except the normal ones that is built in an official f/w anyone else care to elaborate…

I can tell you that unless NEC did an awful lot of work on the firmware 2.16, they would be hard pressed to match the quality and speed that Herrie got on his beta 5. He spent a lot of time going through all the stratagies and cleaning them up. Herrie is awsome and I hope he can get time to help us on the 3500 firmware. No offense Liggy, you are doing a great job but the more people you have working on something the faster and easier it goes.