Herries bitsetting fw on nec 2500 problems bitsetting



Ok I usually dont post stuff about softwares, but I have been having one heck of time with herries 107v2b4 f/w its not it does not burn well, it works wonderful best f/w I have used on nec 2500. But and there always is a BUT! I have had real problems getting the bitsetting to work. I have used DVDinfo 2.47, 2.48 , 2.50 and I could not get it to work. so I went looking on the net for something else. As some of you may know the HP fw herrie uses for his 2500 hacks has bitsetting based on second gen ricoh code so seemed only logical to see if I could find a ricoh second gen bitsetter and I finally did, the program is called dvdbitsetter 2.1.13 and is on www.dvdplusrw.org. I have tested this app with both +RW and +R media and it bitsets everytime , where if I used dvdinfo it would not. I informed NicW the maker of DVDinfo and he has seen the problem and will have a fix once he gets it nailed down. But till then this little app is gold.

please do search for it on :


dvdbitsetter2113.zip">DVD Bitsetter 2.1.13 1,005 KB

Like all software that does this kind of thing use at your own risk.

PS: this app will only work nec 2500 running herries hacked HP f/w as stock nec 2500 f/w 1.05 1.06 and 1.07 does not allow bitsetting.


hmm im not having any issues with that firmware and bitsetting always comes out dvd-rom after i reinsert the disk after a burn checked with dvdinfo pro.


Yes but what version of DVDInfoPro are you using Jamos?


No no this not forget to eject media error this is a shows ROM for +R in dvdinfo but really isnt setting it, NicW told me on msn ya I chated him, that he has had a number of people that works fine and number it does not so there is problem .

More of interest is what he said about oem vs. real . he said so far all the bitset faults seem to be on oem units like TDK or HP or mad dog or pacific digital and all the drives he has seen that work are nec branded 2500.

the ratio of good to bad is 4:2 he said.


ok cool i have a maddog seems ok…but ill check again to make sure.



This how we learn by asking the questions so a large group can comment.


Interesting. I thought - and I just asked this question myself here in the last few minutes as I’m not sure - that HP had asked NEC for special firmware to automatically add the DVD-ROM Booktype to DVD+R’s instead of having to worry about changing DVD+R to DVD-ROM in a seperate utility.

If that IS the case then when it says it is a DVD-ROM it should’ve made the change. Obviously a program won’t be able to change something it’s setting automatically. Hrm. I don’t know, I’m just thinking theoretically here. I’m waiting for my HP DVD420i to arrive via the UPS Truck from Best Buy yet so hopefully I’ll know something early next week. :wink:


The HP 520i had the booktype set to DVD-Rom by default, I never checked with the 420i firmware though. It could be the case, the NEC 1100 and 2100 have a default booktype defined too!


Thanks Herrie I didnt know this .


I can confirm my booktype is auto set for dvd+r to dvd-rom on my drive…works fine.


I have got an old Matsushita DVD-Rom which is able to read any DVD+ but with DVD-Rom booktype only!

If I burn a DVD+RW on my ND-2500 and the default booktype in DVDInfoPro as DVD-Rom, it can be read flawlessly. But any DVD+R is NOT readable by this drive. DVD+Rs of the same brand with the same media code can be read when I burned them with my LiteOn LDW-811s - of course with DVD-Rom booktype only.

The strange thing is that the booktype is displayed correctly in DVDInfoPro and Nero CDSpeed as DVD-Rom. Disc is not readable, though.


I can confirm my booktype IS NOT being auto set , unless I set it manually.

DVD-ROM book type is not set :

RW Before recording :

RW After recording ( still RW as before ) :

The FW :



This is how mine acts no matter what I change manually in dvdinfo the book type that gets written to disk is the default for the media. Somthing is wrong but I dont know what.



No, in my case all is fine as long as I set the book type manually ( as I believe it should be here )

  1. Setting the book type in DVDInfoPro :

  1. Book type DVD+R before recording :

  1. Book type DVD-ROM after recording :


Just to clarify, Boskin, you are saying that using the “Set Drive Default (DVD+R)” button does not work for you?
And DVDInfoPro resets the default booktype to DVD+R every time even if you try to set the default booktype to DVD-ROM?


Oh no, on the contrary,
as you can see it from the above example w DVD+R > DVD-ROM, all works flawlessly.
All I’m saying is that this particular FW ( v2b4 ) doesn’t automatically set the book type to DVD-ROM,
which was discussed here and in [COLOR=RoyalBlue]this thread[/COLOR]


i beleive you but i dont understand quite why it works for some and not for others? i never went into dvdinfopro to set mine before i burn, and it always burns dvd-rom. my drive was made in april 2004 Maddog rebaged.



Neither do I. Moreover, just for the yesterday test sake I once again flashed the drive w this FW
and freshly installed DVDInfoPro 2.50, I mean just to see if I was missing something.

Mine’s NEC2500, March 2004.
But the most important ( and weird ) thing is that we both are using the same FW.


I’ve set my default DVD+R booktype to DVD-ROM long ago using the “Set Drive Default (DVD+R)” button.
Since then, I’ve flashed my drive many times with various firmwares and the default booktype setting has always stayed put. All my DVD+Rs burn with a booktype of DVD-ROM.


Well, isn’t it what the meaning of the above posts of mine was ? :wink: