Herrie who?

look whose back :stuck_out_tongue:


at last


Finally the page is back :bigsmile:

WTG Herrie. You’ve been a busy man !

oh my god! yes its up finally!

Heya! It looks like Herrie’s finished his home and now has time again for his homepage! Welcome back!

good no kiddie script :slight_smile:

yes herrie is back and his äh great hp…

wonder if the legendary herrie is working on a firmware for the 3500 or 3520…hint…hint…

I don’t see a need for him to work on them. Quikee2 and Liggy/Dee are managing it quite well.

true…true…i just want to see what the master can do…like mabey make a firmware that can bitset dvd+rw reliably :bigsmile:

… and don’t forget the dangerous brothers, they’re always the first on region-free and riplock

Don’t get me wrong Quikee2, Liggy/Dee, and TDB are awsome and are responsible for my 3500 working as great as it does. However, just look at Herrie’s new firmware for the 2500. He came out of “retirement” and took the 2500 to a new level with his new firmware. I was just hoping he could do the same for the 3500.

Thx to all the firmware modders for turning my nec into a great drive instead of just a good one…

And don’t forget that for example I had not been able to change anything on these drives without all the information Herrie gave me.

Shouldn’t be a problem now that he’s just serving plain old HTML pages instead of running a prefabbed PHP website. :wink:

hehe plain HTML with CSS rules :stuck_out_tongue: