Herrie site gone?



can’t connect to the site anymore is it me or is the world to his end :stuck_out_tongue:


Me neither. I get this message:

I wonder what the point is in taking down a site hosting modified firmware for optical storage products. Too many idiots on the net nowadays.


if some 1 touches herrie then ww3 is coming GRRRR


Maybe his girlfriend got pissed and hacked his site? :bigsmile:


It really sucks that Herrie’s site got hacked, darn darn darn…I just got my 3500AG yesterday and did not get the firmware yet…sniff :a


HERE is Herrie’s 2.17 for the 3500 drive, Windows flasher, with bitsetting and the bitsetting tool is included.


Thank You VERY VERY much rdgrimes…I was thinking all was lost for me… :bow:


Now all I have to do is get it installed… :bigsmile:

Oh yeah and figure out how to get myself a cool avatar like all of you really cool senior members…

Thanx again rdgrimes


That was the easiet flash I ever did, not more than two minutes and im now RPC1 and able to set Booktype :slight_smile:


Herries’ site is offline until it can be fixed.
I contacted Herrie after I suspected it had been hacked.
Herrie confirmed my suspicions and has taken it offline for now.

A few days ago, bringing up herrie.org would also launch an automatic download that said "You have chosen to open Antivirus.exe
from http://www.bihsecurity.com/x/XXXXXXXdon’tclickthatlink "

This executeable was actually a virus.


Why does not he or someone else make a site like the codoguys, or does not that guanrantee him being hacked either?


Nothing is hack proof. :wink:
I’m assuming Herrie uses Postnuke because it is very easy to add content and updates.
Postnuke is an excellent platform for a website, you just need to make sure that you keep your site updated and patched. :bigsmile:


Herrie uses rpc1.org to host his files but decided to get his own server for his main page.


maybe the nec firmware coders got jealous ? :smiley:


Any news about Herrie site? Someone here had the chance to talk with him?


The f***ed up thing is most of those l33t haXor script kiddes are such wimps that if you physically confronted them for bringing your site down, they’d piss their pants, suck their thumb and mutter “find a happy place.”


Thank you very much


First there was a message that the site was down but now there is nothing…!


Can someone mirror Herrie f/w 2.16 for the NEC ND-2510A with Ritek DL support ?


yes please want it 2 :frowning:
i flashed back to tdb 2,16 is this the same as herrie’s 2,16 ?
tried the 2500 beta 5 firmware on my 2510 but i get coasters after verrifying :frowning:
wanted to burn @8