Herrie I am baffled and stumped



As you know I am having problems writing (Actually writing is easy. The hard part is reading back) 8x FUJIFILM03 DVD-R’s under the Datawrite Grey Top brand.

Now what’s puzzling me is that another person in another thread is using the same media purchased from the same supplier (SVP) and using the same firmware (HV2B4) and yet is getting perfect scans when burned @ 8x. I know you said the FUJIFILM03 write strategy is dicey @6x but it seems strange that he gets good scans and I do not. I also know not all drives are created equal but I did not expect to see such disparate differences. As it stands the discs to me are useless @ 6x or 8x even though they are 8x rated. I know it’s not a fault on my system otherwise how come I can write MMC01’s @ 8x with perfect scans? If it was a system problem then surely it would affect all media when burned above that speed regardless of how good the write strategy is.

I’m really at a loss.


I just burnt 2 Datawrite Grey at 8x using Herriestock firmware
on my NEC2500a…no problems at all good results.
(Datasafe GO4 at 8x are better tho)


and kprobe results here


Think I have a screwed drive then?


I just tested the drive on another PC with different motherboard etc and it still burns bad @ 6x and 8x so it’s the drive for sure (Or the media. Or the firmware or a combination of all).


Try flashing back to stock F/W while it is in the other PC in case it is a flashing issue with the 1st PC.