Herrie and the new Firmware!

when make herrie a new firmware`??
the dl5 is very old and i want a new one!!

herrie speed up!!! :cop:

Please do be patient!
Herrie is working hard, it should arrive any moment now.

gee I am like a kid before christmas waiting for this one. how much better can it get than b5?

is this right that herrie dont want to create new firmwares??
he is very silent the last weeks.

Has it ever occured to you that Herrie has a life besides creating firmware for you to download for free? Give the guy a break and perhaps a little summer vacation!

A Herrie firmware takes the time it takes - so please be patient and let the man work!

No no NO! Herrie is our firmware slave. Thats why he’s kept looked in a dark windowless room with all those burneres…

JK you know we luv ya you code god.

I NOTICE necman u only just joined lol , and probably just to piss herrie and the rest off , prob with a name like nec man lol ure from nec and fed up with herrie and the rest doing ure work and showing how dull u really are

Uh Oh! Busted!!!

oooh, some1 did some research here :eek: . come on, let’s spread some rumors :bigsmile:

my guess: herrie is dissecting the new v2.06 firmware. it seems like a lot of ppl are reporting good burning results on various media including ritek’s 8x DVD+R. maybe he’s integrating NEC’s write strategies into his new firmware at this VERY moment – yeah, right NOW and is releasing it next week! (rumors, rumors…) :stuck_out_tongue:


Herrie will come out with it when he wants and when its perfect. The thing’s he does with his firmware’s is just outstanding. Why a big company like NEC does not make their firmware so good? Why NEC does not give Herrie a job making big bucks is beyond me. His firmwares are better than theirs…

i have to agree with mrloren on that. herries firmware is nothing short of brilliant. he works very hard to make a firmware which we can have and he doesnt get paid for it! i flashed my nec2500a the day i got it to herries. very happy indeed. raise our glasses to herrie ppl.

I too cannot wait until Herrie releases his next awesome work (I have a 2500 and a 2510 plus a 1300). He alone is the reason I continued to go with the NEC drives.

But I think NEC may have figured out a way to keep him from releasing new firmwares: keep updating their firmwares with new strategies so Herrie has to keep updating his and just when he’s ready they drop another one out there… I’m surprised HP hasn’t updated there bitsetting firmwares yet…