Herrie 2.18 out yet?

Is Herrie’s 3500A 2.18 firmware out yet?

Also, a quick question about bitsetting… it appears that only DVD+Rs can have their ID set as a true data/movie DVD disc. I’m about to buy some 8x Riteks, and I want to know if I should get -R or +R.


I can see from your posting history, you have been away for some time. :cool:

Take your time and read the topics… :slight_smile:

BTW, there is no “Herrie´s” 2.18, 3500 firmware out yet and I don´t think there will ever be.

Oh that sucks… :frowning: I’ll have to look for another firmware that has the rip-lock disabled…

Hm… every firmware that has been released has a hacked version with rip-lock disabled…

OK… so NEC released v2.18 recently. Which hacked firmware should I get that has rip-lock disabled? Sorry to post, but searching does me no good… I just see a bunch of discussions and mentions of different ones, but it doesn’t tell me which people consider “the best.”

I explicitly mentioned earlier which firmware I think to be the best for the NEC ND-3500A for now (and I’m not the only one).

Get Liggy’s 2.18 firmware (click) and be happy. The 2.18 write strats (which are the newest) are untouched, but bitsetting and RPC1 is added, and the riplock removed.


the best for now is the 2.18 SE that you can find at http://www.micheldeboer.nl/firmware/index.html

AFAIK, the 2.18SE firmware listed there (218_SE.rar) doesn’t support bitsetting, a knock-out criteria for most people. The modified Liggy 2.18 firmware however does (218_liggy_Ritek_SE.rar). But don’t forget that those write strat changes (especially when DL media is concerned) are experimental.