Herrie 2.17 with bitsetting support!

packetloss what burn speed you get with the R02’s?..12x?, i’m dying to burn @16x
C’mon herrie its time for the speed hacks to begin!!! :iagree:

Herries’ 2.17 with bitsetting is identical to MadDog 2.F8.
Herrie renamed the drive ID string and renamed the firmware version number to 2.17

Whoo Hoo! at last! I can burn my crappy bulkpaq DVDs at 8 speed!

I can burn the RICOHJPN R02 DVD+R at 12x indeed, and the quality is good also (check rdgrimes scan in this thread). Highly recommended +R media for high speed burning, an alternative to Taiyo Yuden.

Herrie, thanks again. I already installed TDB newest firmware. When I used Herrie’s windows flasher I got an error. So I first installed the original firmware and after that, Herrie’s firmware. Everything is working great now.

Now only I have to wait till www.ddvd.info send me new Ritek DVD+R DL media. I already paid for them but they say there is no money transfered :frowning: This site is mentioned by Herrie himself so I expect to get good support… :sad:

@packetloss, if youre in the US, where did you get the R02’s from? TIA

I’m not from the US, so I can’t help you here unfortunately. Here in Europe, Amazon has “original” RICOHJPN R02s (Ricoh brand / label, DVD+R 8x) for ~80 Eurocents each (25 pack spindle goes for ~20 Euros), shipping / VAT whatever included. As an alternative, you can buy Platinum 8x DVD+Rs for ~20 Euros a spindle (25 pack) at local stores here in Germany, which are RICOHJPN R02s as well (unless Platinum changes manufacturer again at least…).

The RICOHJPN R02s are cheaper than the faster Taiyo’s (8x +) here in Europe, so imo a good alternative. They should be cheaper in the US as well.

Can someone tell me the differences betweeen TDB’s 2.F8 firmware and Herrie’s 2.17 firmware.

And what advantages each have.

Firmware display’s as 2.F8 vs. 2.17. One is not better than the other.

i used 2.f8 and it is ok.
however once i saw herries i used that! herrie is da man… use his!
i had to flash back to orig firmware and then up to herries.
go with 2.17…


Will your fw 2.17 for NEC ND-3500 burn Verbatim DL discs without any problems?

Kind regards: gus

All versions of NEC3500 firmware have support for Verbatim DL discs. Herrie’s firware and the Maddog firmware recently added support for Ritek DL discs.

Ok. Thanks for the quick answer Rissen. How about burn quality then? Is there and differences between official 2.16 and herrie 2.17?


Originally by wesociety
Herries’ 2.17 with bitsetting is identical to MadDog 2.F8.
Herrie renamed the drive ID string and renamed the firmware version number to 2.17


Thanks for the reply,

I thought I read that somewhere.
I’ve been just so overwhelmed with new information it has been hard to keep up with.


both firmwares are exactly the same apart from the drive ID string.
Herrie’s reports the drive as NEC ND-3500A 2.17 firmware.
TDB version reports it as NEC ND-3500A 2.f8 firmware (sayng you download that version)

“…you can buy Platinum 8x DVD+Rs for ~20 Euros a spindle (25 pack)…”

I bought them yesterday for 17€ but they must be Platinum 8x PLUS
25 spindle to get the Ricoh disks otherwise you can get the CMC ones.


You mean they have to be DVD+R? That’s what I meant. Platinum 8x DVD+R are usually Ricoh R02s. Or are you talking about that funky “plus” writing on the label? Whatever, Amazon Germany has them for 16.99 Euros (25 spindle) and 32.99 Euros (50 spindle) now as well, that’s about the cheapest +R media available that can be burned at 12x by the NEC 3500, in very good quality I might add.

Platinum 8x DVD-R are usually Ritek G05s over here btw. Definitely not a bad choice for the Nec 3500 either…

Rdgrimes has reported that Fuji 8X DVD+R has turned out to be RICOHJPNR02 for him…

U R right !
Platinum 8x DVD+R are the cheapest +R
RICOHJPN-R02 8@12 media in Germany
есть что то лучше, за такие деньги? :slight_smile: