Herrie 2.17 with bitsetting support!

Check his site, he has implied bitsetting with the 2.17, I wonder if it’s the 2f8 or the 2.77 with bitsetting, and does it include speedhacks yet?
I’ll test.

Didn’t notice any speedhacks… Damn, but bitsetting works :).

link to herries site?


flashing works fine.

but I can’t use “WINBTYPE.EXE”. The Status here is: “Try again after DISC Ejected”. But there is no disc in. What is wrong?

i think thats the maddog 2f8 with vers. number 2.17!
great than you can flash with necs newer org. firm!

you wrote the same about the maddog firm.

Right. Same problem. Hoped it is solved with herries firmware. But it is the same. Any ideas?

Works perfectly, no problems with the bitsetting tool or anything else.

Thank you for this great firmware Herrie!

Holger, try it with the tray open.

Just burned a RICOHJPN R02 DVD+R, and this is what Nero (CD-DVD Speed) DiscInfo says:

I have done already. No difference.


your screenshots shows also “Try again after DISC Ejected”. And the “OK”-button is not avaiable. How did you changed?

Try to push Eject
And the “OK”-button will be avaiable

Problem solved.

The “Intel Application Accelerator” blocked it. I had to uninstall it. Now its all fine.

I changed it the first time I used the software, no need to push eject whatever. Went to “DVD+R Medium Setting” (check the first pic i posted above), clicked on the upper “Compatibility (DVD-ROM)” option and finally clicked “OK”.

Doing this will set the DVD-ROM booktype permanently for DVD+R media.

Edit: Glad it worked. My reply came too late…

which differences between the herrie’s fw and the fw wesociety posted some hours ago? which is the best one?

You need to tell us! I think but I don’t know that Herrie’s came from a TDK firmware and TDB’s came from a Mad Dog firmware.

Works nice. :iagree:

The only difference between the fw´s is the ID string
I´ve compared the write strategy versions and they are the same.
That´s what i´ve seen so far. :slight_smile:

:bow: Herrie

Thanks for all your effort!!

From Norway