Heroes Might and Magic IV successfully backup

Hello to all and congratulations to the staff ;o) for this forum mod and …
Well as in the title i did it how ?

My burner is plextor 24X10X40X Firmware 1.02

Settings of Clone CD 4
Read at 4X
Fast Error Skip On

Write At Max
Always close last session (fortunately ;o)

The media used is a mitsui certified at 8X but works fine at 24X

My back up runs fine in my Pioneer Slot In 105S firmware 1.22 Hacked to be Free Zone and in my Teac CD532S (old but so good SCSI power long time ago )
That s all ;o)


Used ClonyXXL to detect Disc protection on the Heroes IV Play Disc (The Install Disc is unprotected) then used ClonyXXL to start CloneCD and used the CloneyXXL Profile, burned Heroes no problem and works great.

Burn Dive LG GCC-4320B 32x10x40 Comb DVD/CD-RW
Read Drive Lite-On 16x DVD LTD163D GHR3

Apparently Heroes uses Safedisc - 2.51.21, determined this with Safedisc/Secure Rom Version detector [yAtEs] as requested by portmac.

Regards; Snarl


can you scan the game with[yAtEs]Protection Scanner and post the exact version of Safedisc2 it uses.


I assume I’m to use this porggy to scan the Executable on my hard drive, application reports Safedisc - 2.51.21.

Hope this helps

Regards; Snarl

Thanks for that Snarl,

Another one to the collection :bigsmile:


P.S. and yes you were ment to scan the exe on the harddrive, sorry I should have added that in my above post