Heroes 2nd season...opinions?

1st episode of the 2nd season was on last night…and i found it kind of boring…maybe its just takes a little bit to get used to the new characters and the new situations etc. Hopefully the other episodes will be better…with more bad guys lol :bigsmile:

the whole 1st season was quite boring, imho. I haven’t seen the new episode yet, will download at the weekend

Wow finally someone who agrees with me. I thought I was the only one.

Haven’t seen the 1st episode of the 2nd series and I’m really in no rush to see it.

I thought the final episode last season was a big let down. I expected more in the storyline. The first show this season was not horrible but a little boring with little happening of great interest. I’ll continue to watch it though since there isn’t much else on broadcast TV worth my time. Overall, I find the HBO programming to be the best on TV at the moment.

I enjoyed the first season, though I thought they lost steam in the middle and didn’t quite know how to progress.

This season’s opener was a bit disappointing but not terrible. They have plenty of time to recover. I think they need to build more tension in their stories, especially by not revealing as much about their main villains as they did with Sylar last year.

I got the impression that Sylar and Peter are swapping good guy and bad guy roles this season. Peter had the same insignia hanging from his neck that Hiro’s father saw on the paper he found in his newspaper before he was killed.

only quite boring? I thought it was as boring as all f@ck

I agree it is a drawn out boring show that would be watchable if it didn’t move so slow.

:slight_smile: I solved the slow part by not watching the series at all while it was broadcast. I got the dvds and watched them in about a week. Much better viewing experience. No commercials, no waiting for a conclusion to a particular situation…just watched it on my schedule, not theirs.

But now I’ve gotten interested a bit in the continuation and don’t think I’ll have the patience to wait for this season’s dvds. Already broke down and watched the first episode after all. Got no will power.

The following new show “Journey Man” had my attention the whole time. I will have to check that out again if I remember what day its on.

I only caught a little of journey man and it seemed interesting.

I’m really looking forward to the 4th season of Lost…too bad it wont start till early 2008. Pretty cool how they started to do some flash backs (flash forward?) into the future after they’re off the island :iagree:

Now there’s a show that goes round and round like a whirlpool … and like a whirlpool, sucks :p.

Haven’t seen the first episode of the second season of Heroes … but I don’t have high-hopes after seeing the anti-climax of the first season.

i think it will get better. i think it was like a reintroduction to the new plot…maybe? hopefully?

Really enjoy Heroes the 2nd season is starting off well & introducing some new characters it helps to get some of the backstories from the mini comics from the NBC Heroes web site which is at no 54 at the moment so Happy Reading :slight_smile:

I watched the first two episodes this weekend and it wasn’t all that bad. It seems the creators do not want to promise too much, so hopefully i won’t be as disappointed as in the in the middle of the first season. (When i saw the nuclear blast i was expecting some terrorist action or an explosion of a power plant. When i learnt that it will be just some crazy guy going boom i got so angry i almost stopped watching the show. And my disappointment was even bigger at the end of the season when i saw that even that poor fella was prevented from exploding…)

Btw. where’s Nikki Sanders in the 2nd season ???

Nikki dropped off her son with a relative in New Orleans.

I wish they would finally kill off Sylar…


I do feel like the writers are figuring out what’s next with this show at the same time we are. which is kind of a good thing. i just never really know where the show is going

Second episode didnt’ seem bad at all. I will watch it again for sure if I remember too. I’m not big on shows, but there seem to be some very entertaining stuff out lately ( Chuck was entertaining I thought). Finially seeing less and less reality crap.

After watching the recent ep of “Heros” where Hiro messes up the timeline in ancient Japan (and this was only the 3rd ep I’d ever seen), it struck me that this is at some level a ‘copycat’ of “The 4400.” While “The 4400” always has my interest, Heros does not. You have “abilities” that are eerily similar to the 4400–a girl who heals (like Sean who heals on the 4400); you have the one guy who can steal abilities (but kills to integrate them into his DNA), not unlike Jordan Collier who can ‘erase’ abilities on the 4400… I can’t recall the other examples now, but when I find something that at least appears to imitate another show like that, it kills it for me. I know there are some really die-hard Heros fans, but I’ll never be one.

Well, I am upto episode 6, going to watch 7 later tonight. I have to be honest I am thoroughly enjoying it. When I started ep1 I was a bit worried where they would take the plot. So I treated it with as a whole new TV show that happened to contain some people I knew a bit about. Now I cant wait until every wednesday when I can watch the latest one.