Hernies Firmware Problems



while using hernies firmware i cannot seem to burn successfully @ 8x , i know it starts at x4 - x6 - then onto x8…

the burn is taken for ever and when it finally completes its unreadable in both power dvd and stand alone dvd`s .

also rip speed seems to have gone out the window as well…

i think there is something wrong with this firmware as my drive behaves exellent without it… ( back to the danerous bro`s hacks )

Damn …


If rip speeds and burn speeds have both started taking extending time periods to complete, it is most likely that your IDE channel was thrown into PIO mode.
See the FAQ for instructions on how to reenable DMA.


The previous poster is likely correct. You might want to review the forums to see the small number of people who have trouble with Herries code (be fair, don’t count the early beta tests which are obviously somewhat experimental).

If/when you post again, you might offer a hint about your own system and burner. Your problem is likely in your own house, but you gave us nothing to work on to help you.