Here's what we don't need cats and dogs

Like I said we don’t need this thread,but…

Here’s three from my Wallpaper collection:

Our park cats and dogs are always lounging around on each other. Especially on some of these colder days (gee - we barely hit 70 yesterday! “It must be winter again! For another few days!”), the cats pile onto a dog for their warmth, and the dogs enjoy having their own little heating pad sprawled across shoulders.

In our house, our own dog plays with the visiting park-cats - chases, blind-corner charges, towel tugs and drags. Then the cats head for the rafters and sit up there with their dangerously-flicking tails, stalking our dog. He occasionally looks up but usually blows them off. Picture #4 is almost a perfect representation, but they’re usually on a couch or a rug.