Here's what kind of seller DVDROHLINGE24 is

Hello mates,
i’m here to report my experience with this seller. Even if most of people talk well of this media shop i have to disagree.My experience ( not finished yet) have been awfully until now.
I don’t know what i have to do to end this story.

I could look rude now but believe me, before writing this mail i trayed getting a concrete answer by them in any kind way and so so so many times, but without luck. In the last mail i sent them there is a summary of what happened so it follows

[I]Hello dvdrohlinge24 ,
i’ll try to explain quickly the situation in which i’m and that is really pissing me off.
I made this order #xxxx # on 15.02.05 and payed the same day. I HAVEN’T RECEIVED ANYTHING UNTIL NOW.

In various mails in which i asked explanations for this strange delay without getting any concrete, last Saturday i got the tracking number for my parcel xxxxx and Hot Line phone number to make it shorter.

Anyway i phoned to Eboost and THEY ASSURED me that the package with that tracking number is IN DEPOSIT 800 km far from where i live and OVER THERE IT WILL REMAIN 'cause there are problems with it.

I exposed my problem to you many times but YOU KNEW ONLY TELL ME: Wait please, Wait please, Wait please.

I’m tired to wait. Please don’t answer me again: wait cause we’re waiting info from SDA.
Knowing delay reasons took me 2 minutes this morning; in 2 weeks you wasn’t able to do it and this thing speaks for itself about your customers concern !

Here something you shold know well:

§ 9 The major force:
(2) If the execution of the order respectively the delivery is impossible no fewer then 1 month because of a major force, so the customer is legitimate to tread out of the contract.

Well bacause i can’t really wait more and because Eboost assured this package is undeliverable, on Saturday i asked you A FULL REFOUND and you answered me this:” At moment a refound is impossible 'cause the package could have been already DELIVERED or REFUSED from receiver. We’re checking"
Now i don’t know if you’re really undertstanding the burden of your words.

I’ll summarize:


Until now i haven’t my money anymore either products i ordered, so who is ripping off the other ?

Now i’m here again to ask you a FULL REFOUND for products never received.
One months is gone since i made my order, so i’d really like to tread out of this contract as soon as you’ll GIMME BACK MY MONEY by paypal or banktransfer
My paypal account is here:

Hope to hear from you soon with something concrete & not with customer care you demostrated towards me until now!


Guys, what do you think about? Is there a chance for me to be refounded or not? I really don’t want to deal with these guys anymore. I made a lot online orders from various sellers and even if there was problems they were resolved promptly. I’ve patience but they did their best to make me lose it.
I’ll be glad to treat my post in case i should receive a refound. In this case they would show a correct behaviour.

Thanks a lot in advance for your tips

You should get a refund if they can’t deliver.
i have ordered a few times from this shop and never had any problems but i live in belgium so that’s not so far to deliver.
keep sending them emails unthil you get your money back,that’s only fair.

Why not send them a link to your post here they will then see its bad publicity for them and maybe come to a deal…

Did you pay by credit card?
Contact your credit card company and they should be able to reverse the charges for you…
You may need to send a written letter to them.

Hmm let’s see if Dretschler will react on this post because they have posted befor on cdfreaks.

Thanks a lot for your support guys, i really appreaciate it! Seriously.

I just received an upadate for them: “The parcel has been undeliverable until now 'cause the box was manumitted/opened. Anyway we can try to ship it to you, if you want”

Since parcel stayed opened for 15 days in a warehouse and i’m scared someone stole some products, i asked them to guarantee i would have received my whole order in great shape. As you can immagine they didn’t guarantee me any, just offered me to try to delivery the box.

Obviously i confirmed my will to be refounded !!

I remark: is this customer care you’ll wait from an online shop?
I ordered and payed everyhing promptly, while after 1 month they’re trying to send me an opened package with who knows what inside, maybe all products maybe a lot missings.

A serious company should have refound me directly or shipped again what due, free of charge. Am i wrong?



I’m also experiencing some trouble with this seller.

I ordered some stuff on December 16, 2004, and paid the same day, via PayPal.
On January 10, nothing was delivered, I send an inquiry, and was told the order was to be sent the same day.
On January 26, still nothing, I ask again. On January 28, I receive a tracking number, that is not recognized by the transport company.
On 31, DvdRohlinge said they’ve requested for an investigation.
On 10 february, still no news, I request the refund.
On 16 february, still no news, Same request
On 24 february, they finaly answer that the investigation is on-going, and they’ll come back with the result
On 25 february, they answer again, with some apologies, and ask whether they should refund or resend?
I answer the same day that I agree for a resend (what a mistake), with the condition the order should be delivered for the 1st of March.
They answer the same day (25 feb) to thank me !!
On 7 March, they say they’ve received the investigation results, the package has been lost, and they’re going to send it again (I though that was already done since feb 25 ?!?!)
On 16 March, I’ve still got nothing, and request immediate refund.
Today (April 4th), I request again, but I get desperate…

So as Shin_79 said :


Just to let you know how it ended: DVDRohlinge ignored my refound requests and shipped to me the opened parcel anyway.

Well 50 dvd cases missed…so i sent a lot of mail to be refounded & to tell what kind of seller they’re

All i got was a 15 € bonus (equal to 50 lost cases value) in their shop.

Obviously they can push it…

dim6003 sent them tons of mail a day until they won’t answer and tell people to BEWARE OF DVDROHLINGE24 =

Of course you can argue about how the company should handle this but it seems that both problems are due the transport company. I can understand that if the package is in the hands of the parcel service the company doesn’t want to refund or send another package as you could end up with the package afterall. Which would mean you either receive two and paid for one, or receive one of which you already received a refund. Remember, there are many people out there who would abuse it so they have to cover their tracks.

They chose that trasport company…not customers. If it’s unreliable change it.

If DVDROHLINGE24 (or whatever other online vendor) lost an insured parcel, they have to solve their problems with shipping company… sure not at customers loss.
Then, when an an investigation is opened it means there are problems with that package delivery and aslo if there aren’t the parcel is locked where it is until the problem is solved = no risk to receive two and paid for one, or receive one of which you already received a refund.


Thanks for your replies, guys,

Just after posting to this thread, I sent them another mail, suggesting to have a look at this thread, but still no answer… I’m starting to believe I simply lost about 45 euros…

I would welcome ideas about other forums where i could give them free advertisements !!

About the transport company problems, I agree with Shin_79. I’m not responsible of whatever company they’ve chosen.
Furthermore, why did they asked whether to refund or resend, not to answer to anymore request afterwards ??? that’s simply not correct with ANY customer, and I’ve never seen such behaviour, with many other internet sellers (30+) I’ve worked with, even if some of them were not always very fair (CDiscount, TopAchat,…).
They have no excuse,


I’d just like to post a warning for anyone ordering from them, I have ordered 3 times from them, 1st and 2nd time it was all good, but now the 3rd time, their shipping partner (GLS / Schenker) lost my package. (Or well, the last status update was 18 Aug, and that was it left some depo.) Anyway, i tried to contact GLS by their homepage, no response. So i contacted Dretschler support and asked if anything could be done. I got an answer from someone calling himself ‘Alexander Clemens’, who told me they reclaimed the package.

That was the 30th August. 2 weeks later they still told me GLS didnt answer their request for the reclaim. Now its the 24th September, Ive been waiting over 5 weeks for the package, and the last 4 days not even Alex have replied to my mails.

Also, I’ve asked exactly what the “Package insurance” would mean, but he didnt know. All he could tell me was that when ‘GLS told him the package is lost / whatever’, he can give me a refund. To me, 5+ weeks with no status update on a package with normal shipping time of 2-4 workdays, is a lost package.

But well, i guess i cant do too much about it, ~160€ lost to a damn company that cant communicate with their shipping partner. This might be in the wrong forum, but i feel like i should do something atleast to warn others about them… I would also gladly recieve pm’s about other pages where i can warn people so noone else gives them money for nothing.

i’m sorry for what happened to you
here’s another bad experience: —> BEWARE OF DVDROHLINGE24!!

Yeah man, that’s all fishy.

I rem that we’d discussed months ago the connections between those both sellers and their “strategy” of selling crap media under a good brand flag…

Hi everybody,

I had almost forgotten about this, but was reminded by some link to this thread in a search on another subject I made recently. So I tried once again to place a request, and got a quick answer, that the transport company had finally declared the packet as lost, and whether I wanted them to ship again, or to be refounded. I answered that I wanted a refund, and am now wanting for my Paypal account to be refounded. Still I don’t understand why they stopped answering at some point (I was also exchanging mails with a certain Alexander Clemens).

I’ll put another note here when I’m actually refounded (if they do what they said they’d do…)

Good luck to all.

Finally i got the package… After 2+ months of waiting and a LOT of mails… Anyway, i still strongly advise everyone not to buy from them… It took them over 2 months to accept the fact their shipping partner lost the package, and another week for them to send out a new package…

I recommend a site called

Post your story there and e-mail a link to the seller in question - Sometimes things like that get them to react.

It’s a shame to read about most of those horror stories originating in Europe - Having heard from a few mates in these areas, it seems there is a lot of corruption in the postal system, and it is NOT the first time I hear about such stories with parcels. Of course the seller is going by the book however, an order which has a certain value should be insured and it is up to the seller to fill out the paper work and get his/her claim after a set period of time. If you paid by credit card, you could argue the charges and claim you were ripped off and never received a product - if the parcel was sent with required signature on arrival, this should make it a whole lot easier. If you are dealing with a seller that does not insure and require signature on delivery, then you are asking for trouble.

It’s a shame to hear that those online scammers are getting away with it - it’s certainly giving a bad name to those honest online shops struggling to make a sale, all because of the bad name those scammers give.