Here's what I have. What will I want?



Hello all, first time to CDFreaks. My present burner (optorite 1205) is on it’s last legs. I am NOT a “power burner” by any means. I mostly burn back-up of my DVD movies for friends and family…maybe 10-20 burns a month. Never any games (too old for that, LOL) Also some music and photo data back-up. Sitting on my shelf are about 75 Verbatim 8X DVD-R and a 25 box of Sony MIT 8X DVD-R that a friend gave me for Christmas. If I ever burn CD’s it would be for smaller amount data transfers, never for music.
When I use these up, I will go to DVD+r using bitsetting (I am familiar with the various firmware options).

After spending way too many hours browsing these forums, and being a loyal Newegg person, I have narrowed my next burner choices to the LG H22n and Pioneer 111D. So with my current media inventory, which one will make me smile the most? Thank you for your time!!


Out of those 2 choices, I’d recommend the Pioneer. :wink:

Nonsense, no one is “too old” to play games. :disagree:


Just ordered the Pioneer 111D. Thanks


if you only look at dvd burning (dvd+r SL) LG or Pioneer?