Here's the problem with dvd-video



ok i made a dvd in Ulead DVD Workshop and burned it with nero with G3meFr3ks dvd-video guide with both .nrc files and i tryed dvd-video mode on express and nero burning rom and all i did was make coasters.i am looking for a way to make true dvd-video discs aka like the movies you buy at the store.

i used nero infotool to see how the discs looked heres one the i bought at the store


and the dvd i burned with nero cam out as

type: dvd video (dvd+r)
Capacity : 4.35GB
layes: 1
Version: 1
disc size: 12cm
file system: iso9660,Joliet,UDF
video format: NTSC 4:3 (Mpeg1, 720x480)
regions: all

i’m hopeing someone can use this info and maybe understand what i’m talking about(cause sometimes i don’t) any suggestions or other progams i can use to make true dvd-video discs like in the picture


sorry i mesed it up


this is the one i burned with nero



Unless im mistaken ( quite possibly as im new at this myself!) you want to make a perfect 1:1 back-up of an original 6.something gig disc - this is not possible with a 4.7 gig blank as the files have to be compressed with a tool like dvd shrink.

The only way to make a 1:1 backup of a disc that size to my knowledge is to use 8.5gig dual layer blank disc. And for this you need a writer that is capable of writing dual layer discs…

Hope this helps!