Here's some scans of the bottoms of my DVD-R's. What's wrong?



I am currently using Taiyo Yuden DVD-R’s to burn whatever I have to burn, as I know they are good quality, and to maybe help a problem I’ve been having. But even after buying those top quality DVD-R’s, I am still having this problem.

Here is a scan of the last 3 DVD’s I’ve burned (they are all the exact same data that was burned, an ISO of a DVD if you care)

As you can see in the first one, it looks like a good, normal burn. The last two are ugly, ugly burns, with completely totally different levels of dye colors all around. It almost looks like the inside of a tree stump so you can count the rings to see how old a tree is. It’s really aggrivating the hell out of me because ALL three DVD-R’s are from the same Taiyo Yuden batch, all three were burned at the same speed, and all three were burned using Nero. The only difference one is the good looking DVD (top) was burned a few days ago. (However that is irrelevant I think as I didn’t do anything to my PC since then)

I’ve been trying different brands and they all do this. Getting a good looking burn like the top one is completely a crap shoot. I’ve tried different brands, different burning programs, different speeds, different firmware revisions, different types of files. The only differences I see are I either get a perfect one (top in scan) or if I start changing things around like burn speeds or programs, the ugly rings will just be in different spots (like you can see, the rings aren’t identical in the middle and bottom DVD’s).

I even tried unplugging two of my hard drives in case a over-loaded power supply was doing this. I have a high quality 600 watt one, but tried it anyway. Did not help.

I have a Pioneer 111D. I am ripping my hair out here, and would appreciate any help big time. My PC is a Windows XP machine with a p4 2.4 and 2gigs of ram. I only burn these DVD’s with no programs open, after a fresh restart.

Thanks in advance…


The rings are irrelevant as long as the data is readable and ok.



Is there at least an explination as to what the cause of it is and why sometimes it looks fine?


AFAIK, it depends on the write strategies used, eg. ZCLV vs. PCAV, and also [B]how and if[/B] the data is constantly available to the burning device.


How can I choose between ZCLV vs. PCAV? Why would the availability of it for the burning device change from one day to another?


You can’t directly choose between P-CAV and Z-CLV.

Any DVD±R media that can be burned at 16x on your Pioneer 111 series drive will burn using P-CAV if you choose 8x or 12x burning speed.

Any DVD±R media that can only be burned at 12x or slower on your Pioneer 111 series drive will burn using Z-CLV if you choose 8x or 12z Z-CLV burning speed.

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@ GrymmReaper,

Just visually looking at the Burned side a DVD-R disk doesn’t provide any meaningful useful information as to the Quality of the burn.

If you are serious in obtaining useful information as to the Quality of the Burn you need to use one of the diagnostic software utility programs similar to Nero CD-DVD Speed ( or DVDInfo ( and conduct a Disk Quality Scan of your Burned Media.

If you are unaware of how to use these programs to conduct a Disc Quality Scan review the below Web Links ->

Also Nero is not a stellar Burning Software Program. If you desire quality error free burning results suggest using a CD/DVD burning program that isn’t plagued with undesirable problematic problems like Nero. ImgBurn ( and CDBurnerXP Pro ( are excellent choices.

Also ensure that you have the newest most current up to date Firmware installed on your Pioneer DVR-111D.



Thanks guys! You are great. Since the color of the DVD changes when you burn it (from a purple to a darker purple) seeing all these different shades of purple scared the hell out of me.

If I burn a DVD with Imgburn, may I scan it with DVDInfoPro and post the results I get and you guys tell me if it’s good or not?

I am using a Dangerous Brothers firmware. Should I be using Pioneer made firmware?


Unless where the burn rings are and it skips at that spot i wouldn’t worry about it.


Yeah but I don’t have time to watch a 2 hour movie or go through 4 gigs of data to make sure everything is okay every time I burn something.


Thatis why you could use tools like Nero cd dvd speed or dvdinforpro.


I dunno, I’d say SOMETHING is going on-- those aren’t the standard 3-4 different rings you see from a burn speeding up, those look like Saturn.

It seems like your drive is constantly changing speeds as you burn… I’d definitely scan the discs to make sure they’re ok, but are you noticing the burns are taking longer than they should? 8x burns should be around 8 minutes (without verify), 16x should be 4-5 minutes or so.

I’d think you have some issue with data transfer rates (defrag your hard drive), or maybe a bad cable… I’ve never seen a disc come out of any of my burners that look like the ones you’ve scanned unless something is going on out of the ordinary…


If OP would do what chef said and run TRT and a quality test with another drive it would help to determine bad burn and no need to watch all of them.


Which firmware do you have?

Maybe you had a slightly bad flash in the past and you just need to reflash.
Then instead of a reboot, shut down completely, and then start up again.
It’s a long shot, but shouldn’t hurt.