Here's one for the books

Ok guys,
I simply felt that I had to write this just to show what an idiot I am… :bigsmile:
Ok, my wife came to me the other day with an old movie that she had borrowed from a friend and asked me to copy it. “Ok” i said and lets face it why shouldn’t I? It is an old movie and shouldn’t present any problems, hell i even thought “I most likely won’t even have to bother to nice people at cdreaks”… :disagree:
So, after downloading the cover and the CD label I sit down with a cup of tea and start to try to open the movie, right?.. :iagree:
WRONG!! Shrink wouldn’t touch it, DVDFab, AnyDVD, 1copydvd, need I go on? :sad:
So I go back over my steps and then it hit me and this part i had deliberately left out of my story thus far… :bigsmile:
You see, as i was about to start working my young daughter came into my office to see what good ol dad was doing and that was when i screwed up. Yep, thats it, I asked her to hand me the disc that i had taken great care to clean and put in a clean place which she did… :bow:
No problems so far you ask, right but i had forgotten that she was eating a PEANUT BUTTER sandwich and yes when I removed the disc It looked like she had spread the PB on the disc as part of her snack… :sad:
So, I cleaned it off, placed it in the tray and went about my business after pointing out to my loving wife just what HER daughter had done and of course one can only imagine what the insides of one of my new Sony DL burners looks like… :frowning:
Anyway, I’ll let you know and of course if the makers of this particular spread are as cunning as most US advertisers I’m sure that an ad will start to pop-up on my screen whenever I fire up that particualar drive… :bigsmile:
Thanks for listening…

Ok, my wife came to me the other day with an old movie that she had borrowed

This part of your post makes it against forum rules you can only post about movies that you own, but still was funny to read. So peanut butter is the best way to stop someone from backing up a movie. I would also think it would play bad also.

Thanks, yes it also struck me as funny and since posting that particular movie is now owned by me… Does that help, even though a movie owned by a friend or family member can be deemed owned and not rented but you may be right… :bigsmile:

If you don’t have the original than it is deemed illegal.

-Are you a lawyer or a mod?

It’s the rules here not that i’m answering for linx05. The mods and lawyers cannot find all of this illegal activity.

Why dog a person letting a person know it’s illegal?

Are you suggesting that there is a lot of illegal activity on this forum.
If you are aware of such illegal activity, shouldnt you be reporting this to the mods or admin??

Maybe linx05 did report it.
Will let him (i believe it’s a him) reply.

my inquiry in post 7 was to your comments, not linx.

I probably would only report your posts :rolleyes: Anyway this is getting off topic. Have a good one.

You keep adding to your posts
I am not dogging anyone.
Just want to know if his opinion carries some authoritative weight.

Let me ask you a question:
Why have you inserted yourself into a question i posed to someone else, and then add layers of disclaimers.

Guys… C’mon now, this started off as a funny occurance that i thought that I would share earlier this morning… :bigsmile:
Now as much as i dont agree with the comments that have been made i have let it go as we all should… :iagree:
I swear when i posted this i had imagined getting emails and comments on just how stupidly funny the whole thing was and look where it’s ended up…
I wont make that mistake again… :disagree:

Actually, i quite enjoyed your post. Found the situation quite humorous.
Could of happened to anyone.
BTW, What was the movie? :smiley:

I have every right to and looks like dogging to me.

I doubt it.

Only responding to your snide remark is all. I’m a member also you know. I cannot post here or are you a mod or a lawyer?

Sorry to OP for being off topic here. It’s your thread and enough said.

By your definition, perhaps you are “dogging” me?

And BTW, i tried to get this back on topic at post 13, Nonetheless my apologies to the OP for all the extraneous stuff on this thread.
Have a good one.

Answer my pm :wink: and yeah i guess you could call it dogging.

All right. Everybody chill. :flower: