Here's A Puzzle Problem For You

ok so i’ve got a mental friend that likes playing jokes on people… basically he wants to burn someone a copy of a DVD that they will enjoy (eg: The God Father) … keep its menu and then put a different movie that is triggered after that menu (eg: Freddy got fingered) to piss them off.

So when the menu comes up for God Father and they press play menu, up comes Freddy Got Findered

it’s sick i know- but i know it can be done, i just can’t figure out how!

It’s driving me up the wall!!!

Use DVD Shrink and the re-auther mode.

dvd shrink in reauthor mode will not preserve or add any kind of menu.

you’re going to need a true reauthoring program. That’s not in my field of expertise, but I’d be willing to bet that something like tmpgenc would do the job.

^^ ur right, i’ve tried DVD shrink and it didnt work, can anyone confirm that tmpgenc will be able to do the job??

thankx for your replies!

I have taken the vob files from one movie and moved them to others and it worked. I did this with a movie that had a problem and it was in the vob for extras so I did not care but if you went to look at the extras you would the vob that I added. take a movie and copy it to the hardrive along with the movie you want people to see instead of the first movie. Then take the Vobs files that are 1,048,574kb since these are the movies files and replace the ones for the first movie with the others then try and watch it on the computer. If this gives you what you want then burn it. Might have to play around with it for a while but like I said I did it to a movie I could not get to burn because of a bad vob for extras and it worked.

Well I just had to try this again and it worked I took the vob files from glory road and used them to replace the same ones in 16 blocks know when I hit play for 16 blocks menu up comes gloryroad. You could replace just some of them so it switched from one movie to the other.

^^^ Ur right it does work!!!

Thankx Samlar, i even thought or a way to make it more annoying by changing the middle of the movie instead of right at the beginging HAHAH

very weird thread…

although I’m glad you found what you were looking for haha

just think what you could do with this info if you wanted to. I you could make the vob real small for both movies then change them for one to the other then burn you could have a movie that every so often inserted something someone did not want. I would assume you could make a VOB file with your picture and insert it into the movie.

So did you guys end up doing this with tmpgenc or DVDshrink? I’ve got DVD decrypter, will it work the same?

What he did was burn the dvd to the hardrive as I stated and then moved vob files from on to the other so when played the menu would say one movie but in the middle it would go to the other movie.

Moving vob files onto the other - that’s what puzzles me. Don’t you have to rebuild the DVD? Without doing this, it may not work correctly if burned to dvd. Also, audio/subtitle streams can be different and the language menu might not reflect to the streams in the vob files.

I am not sure about this since the one that I did was in the extras and it seem to work ok but I do not remember if I ran it through rebuilder after moving the vob. There is a good chance I did since i do most movies after put them on the hardrive.

Someone will have to try it as for me I not going to waste a disk to try it again.

Ok I had some old prodisc I did not mind wasting so I took a vob file from an next generations disk and moved it to another folder on my hardrive then removed the first vob file form a voyager dvd to another folder on the hardrive I then went back and renamed the next generations vob file to VTS_3_1.vob which was the same as the one I had removed from voyager. The reason I had to rename it was the next generations vob for the movie were _2_1 and so on while in voyager they were _3_1 and so on. I then place the renamed vob in the voyager folder to replace the one that I had removed. I then burnt the disk I then burnt the disk using clonedvd2. I then played the disk and when I picked the first episode on the disk for voyager I got the next generations episode that I had placed in the disk to replace the vob file that should have been used. The sound and everything was next generations sound.

Both the next generations and voyager disk I had on the hardrive were already ran through rebuilder to shink them and I did not have to rerun it before burning.

I just could not help myself I just had to test it again to see if it works and it does so have fun mix movies up all you want.

The reason I learned how to do this was I had a disk that was so bad that dvdshink or any other program would not let me back it up and since the Vob file that it was having problem with was in the extras I just copied the rest of the disk to the hardrive then took a vob from another movie and used it to replace the one that was bad then I just burnt the disk and did not worry that if someone went to the extras they would see something that should not be there.

while this did lead to an interesting trick, I’m curious why you didn’t just copy the main movie only on the disc that you had trouble with to avoid that damaged VOB

I tried that and dvd shrink or the other programs would not because of the bad vob.