Here's a novel question... Is this Normal?



Please see attachments…


When I first burned this It was put in storage for 2 weeks. I then got it out to play in my DVD player and it Didn’t work after about 10/15 mins in the film so I thought “Damn… have to check this” and so did on KProbe.

The results were quite bad with quite frequent PI errors over 1,000 and PIF’s constantly abouve 40.

I then presumed it was a coaster so put it back in storage until I could check it on My GF’s Uncles NEC drive.
Just a second a go I got it out to print off the results to take down his house and the results were attached.

I then put it in my DVD player and it is fine…

Can anyone explain?


It can happen.

My drive is WORTHLESS for reading the error levels on discs IT burns. Seriously, most people recommend using the same drive that burnt the disc to check it, but I’ve found that if I want to do so I have to do what you did - put it away for a while.

Could be the heat, could be something chemical, but this isn’t unheard-of.


hehe, so its not me dreaming then lol!


maybe just dodgy media?? I’ve had discs not play for months then one day they just decided they were ok again. Weird… Maybe they’re like borderline good/bad.

What brand of discs are these?