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How do i burn a Movie that i Dwl. so i can play it in my DVD ???


Well it depends… A normal DVD can only play VCD and SVCD so the movie you downloaded needs to be in this format. However, most movies you can download on the net are in the so-called DivX format and they have a .AVI file extensions. A DVD player cannot play these files :frowning: You need to convert this movie to the (S)VCD format. You can read all about converting movies on

Thank’s Man,
Its look’s easy to burn whith “Nero”, but its one thing about “NTSC” and “PAL” cuz if the Movie is “NTSC” and my DVD is “PAL”, can i burn it in PAL-format then ??

AVI/DivX file. 23.976 == NTSC Film ; 25 == PAL ; 29.97 == NTSC
My Movie : Frame rate 29 frames/second


I think so… I have no experience whatsoever in making (S)VCD from DivX… Nero does support both NTSC and PAL so I think it will be able to convert 29fps (NTSC) to 25fps (PAL) but like I said, I’m not sure… Maybe the Nero homepage will help you some more:

This is what I read in the Nero help file:

Reencoding consists of decoding the file as it is, converting its resolution and frame rate, and encoding it again. When choosing this option, the reencoding process will be done as soon as the burn process starts. As for AVI files encoding, this will take time and temporary disk space. The characteristics of the produced video track can be controlled using the “Encoding resolution” option of the “Video CD” property page of the compilation info.
Ps. The (S)VCD plug-in can be found here. and have awesome tutorials also

try using vso-convertxtodvd or cucusoft.
they are both easy to use and give perfect results

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