Here Now - .BWA files for Download

Legal opinion is that sharing .BWA files is cool, so as a service to members we will be making available some working .BWA files.[ul][li]You will need to be a member to d/l (nick & password)[]They will be zipped[]They will be virus-free & non-mailcious[]An accompanying .txt file will detail the what, when, how etc[]We will provide a mechanism for your .BWA file to be submitted[]Post your suggestions here![/ul]Example .txt/.nfo[ul][]Date: 11 Nov 02[]Game Title: UT2K3[]Reader: ASUS CRW-4816A[]Size: 26KB[]Graph Enclosed: Yes/No (in .gif format so you can check the curve and peaks)[/ul]A post will go up in the Living Room about some ASCI Art contribution from members for the .txt/.nfo file…stay tuned
send your zipped files (.BWA + .TXT) to my email f p [leave out the spaces in fp - spammers beware!]

.BWA Files[ul][]Warcraft 3 from FutureProof: LTR-40125s (NR=not actually required - just showing where it fits in order of versions)[]Soccer Manager (NR)[]Etherlords (NR)[]Industry Giant 2 (NR)[]Neverwinter Nights (NR) 1.21 update patches to[]Disciples 2[]Aliens Vs Predator 2 - Primal Hunt 4.77.00 0002 (NR)[]Arx Fatalis (German) update 1.14 patches to 4.83.55 0020[]Frontline Attack (Italian) 4.77.00 0004 (NR)[]The Thing the last do-able version without a .BWA file[]Emperor - Rise Of The Middle Kingdom[]Nomads (English) 4.8?.??.??? from captqbec: Toshiba SD-M1402[]Frontline Attack - War over Europe 4.82.??.???[]Baldur’s Gate 2[]Diciopedia 2003 (Portuguese) 4.82.01 0004 &[]K. Hawk (German)[]Archangel from: -=][Y]{=- LTR-48125W[]Emperador - El nacimiento de China (Emperor)[]Shadow of Destiny[]Virtual Resort - Spring Break[]Beach Life[]Beam Breakers[]Cossacks - Back To War[]Empire Earth: Art of Conquest - from ÑiGhTcRaWlÊr: Lite-On LTR-24102B[]No-one Lives Forever 2 - from ÑiGhTcRaWlÊr: Lite-On LTR-24102B[]No-one Lives Forever 2 - from t3j28r71 : Plex Writer 2410A (NB: .ACE file)[]No-one Lives Forever 2 (French) 4.8?.??.??? from unknown[]Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 (Euro) 4.83.11 00xx (Last 2 numbers varies with Language) from Milvius: Lite-On LTD-163D (24x DPM in Alcohol, then converted to BWA) and Tested with Twinpeak 02 twin sector step 15[]Unreal Tournament 2003 - from ViRuS2k: LTR-52246S[]Unreal Tournament (French) 4.8?.??.??? - from jipeve Plex 24x[]Hitman 2 (Spanish)[]Hitman 2 - from t3j28r71: Plextor 241040a[]Hitman 2 (German)[]Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 from philamber: Lite-On LTD-163D[]Arx Fatalis (English) from captqbec: Toshiba SD-M1402[]Anno (German) from Allmighty: Toshiba SD-M1712[]Ring II[]Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? (Italiano) 4.83.55 0004 from Blinx_The_Timesweeper & Milvius: LG DRD8160B (16x DPM in Alcohol, then converted to BWA)[]Civilization 3 - Play The World[]K. Hawk (English)[]Lord Of The Rings (English) 1.1 update patches to from ProfesorX Lite-On LTR-24102B[]Soldiers Of Anarchy[]Aquanox 2 (German) 4.8?.???.??? from Allmighty Lite-On Toshiba 1712[]American Conquest (French) from jipeve: Plex 24x[]Aquanox 2 (English)[]LotR (Italiano) (La Compagnia) from Fr4nz: Lite-On LTR-48125S (.mds in Alcohol)[]LotR (Italiano) from Milvius: Liteon LTD-163D (24x DPM in Alcohol, then converted to BWA)[]American Conquest (French) from MYSTxDEFER: LTR-48125S[]American Conquest (French) from jipeve: Artec 16x DVD[]Far West[]Gothic 2 (German) from Casketizer: Lite-On LTR-24102B[]Soldiers of Anarchy from: MrRatt: LTR-24102B[/ul][ul][]WWM3 (Deutsch) ([]UT2K3 (Deutsch) ([/ul]Thanks to Portmac and Portmac’s Site for a list of new SecuROM v4.8x :slight_smile:

use my ftp to upload and download BWA files.

user: bwa
pass: download
port: 21

Create a folder for the BWA file you have created and upload it as a zip file please.

Originally posted by webcrawler
one question:
are the output of the bwa files the same with different drives?

They should be the same as(FutureProof might want too add a comment here, its open to suggestions)

One word of warning, you cannot make a backup of backup made with BlindSuite. I have 3 mates who tried in vain too make a backup of a backup of UT2003 and it wouldn’t work. In otherwords you can only make a backups off your original only! This seems the case with SecureRomNew.

Hope this was of some help too you:D

Greets to The Forum;)

@ nider

Does what drive these are made from matter? I have the same drive as quoted (except I flashed mine to 48), so will this format just work for Lite on drives similiar to the one posted, or possibly this will work with all drives?

am I just being a bit thick today?

dont think so dude i just used Futureproofs UT2003_CD1.BWA file with my lite on 24102b and made a perfect back up of ut2k3 with a .BWA file made from an asus 4816A.



SOmething you should know about Hitman 2 and Securom.

Hitman 2 v1.00 has SecuROM - v4.83.11 0031
Hitman 2 v1.01 has SecuROM - v4.83.55 0081

I usaed the MDS file available on the Daemon Tools website and converted it to .BWA. I then combined it with a Clone CD image of the game and ran the image. While the image worked for v1.00, it didn’t work once I patched the game.


my first backup (hitman2) made with BW still works with the 1.01 patch.

BWA file read by LTR-48125W (VS08) @ 4x
if you want i can send you the BWA file…

with the latest version 4.2.4 [Final]

we introduce a new version of bwa builder. depending on your hardware us usual, you should try 2 things… using the max settings and a fixed speed. you will see it is two different methods to create the bwa files.

as usual , the same cd, can work on some writer / reader and not on others ( for installing using a cd with a bwa file at least ) …

well … now we solved the problems about the securom new. so we highly recommand to use this version. instead of the 4.2.2 and 4.2.3



does it matter what drive you make the bwa file with. Should i use my trusty liteon burner, or my dvd drive?

Originally posted by kwkard
does it matter what drive you make the bwa file with. Should i use my trusty liteon burner, or my dvd drive?

I had bad results on BWA curves with my Plextor 2410A writer.
So I tried with my DVD reader - Artec 16X Rev 1p21 - and the result has been far better.

made working copy from CD 1 Aquanox 2 that runs in my Liteon 40125W, not on Toshiba 1712

made Aquanox 2 CD 1BWa with 4.25, written with BW 4.25


Aquanox 2 CD1 Image from BW 4.25 doesnt run from Alcohol.120.Retail.v1.3.5.Build.1112
and Daemon Tools 3.26.

Alcohol said wrong version or something

Also with Emulation in this tools no run.

Aquanox 2 BWA


why are the Aquanox 2 postings now in this thread?

I have to edit alle my replies, that they give sence.

FP You´ve got Mail.

"Allmighty " wrote:

>why are the Aquanox 2 postings now in this thread?
'coz they’re handy

>I have to edit alle my replies, that they give sence.
nah you don’t, they’re fine

>FP You´ve got Mail.
thanks - see first post

PS - you have um, different, music tastes to me :eek:

Has anyone got a bwa for Lilo & Stitch Trouble in Paradise ??? It has SecuROM - 4.77.00 0002
If so could u post it to this thread.



you should not need it for securom 4.77 ? no ?

Required for versions after (The Thing); however, some members have reported that they needed a .bwa for WC3 and Neverwinter Nights which are prior to The Thing. A .bwa also helps (?) if an official update patch takes it past .0029

Yes… it seems that after istalling patch 1.04… My copy wont work… I will try tonight to do a BWA files and then Burn it back with the BWA files…

If someone as a BWA files for WC3, I would be happy… because my LITE-ON doesn’t good BWA…

Will try tonight with different sseting (speed)… but if someone already DID… would appreciate…



Industrie learns by doing, now the have us, because they can
male our copy unusable simply by bringing a new update.

Now its really time to make a “perfect copy”

-> writing bad sectors as same as on original.

Burn Programm Programmers - DO IT - NOW