Here is the trick to enable Raw-writing on a Teac 56-58 s



This text you can find on the Blindread Homepage:
TESTED HARDWARE : A VERY GOOD new for TEAC owner : There is an easy tweak to make the TEAC 56s and 58s a fully compatible CD Writer :

On the rear panel, there is a row of 8 jumpers were you can select the SCSI ID of the drive, terminator, ... the normal stuff. But, if you put a jumper on the pin 6 (0 - based), the 56s or 58s will turn into a 55s, and thus the drive will be 100% compatible with BR images (will NOT correct data as they are written).

This tweak is provided "as is", use it at your own risk. At this time, we've had 3 reports that it worked, and we've personnally tested it on a 58s, and found it OK. It does even write at x8 when you select MAX SPEED on CDRWIN 3.8a (nevertheless the 55 bios is supposedly limited to x4 writing.

The CD writer page is updated with this information - and with other tests reported by the users.

I know a lot of people now will try it on SCSI drives of other brands. OK, it eventually can work on recent drives to reactivate older bioses, but please be carefull and don't ruin your writer with illegal jumpers configuration.


well I’m gonna try that for sure…



hmm… it works… but doesnt… it messes up my comp bigtime… i see it as a teac 55s or whatever but nothing else works… maybe cuz im on win2k?? i would love if i could get it to work… also… the light, the one that tells you if the cdr is reading/writing… just stays on the whole time… dunno whats up… HELP APPRECIATED


What does it mean by “0 - based”? Is that referreing to the SCSI ID#?


Will this work on a Teac R55S.


Ch5 Micky


sounds too easy to be true!