Here is some good news for everyone

By accident I found a site which CD apps on it, and some links, and lo and behold there was one for the famous I clicked on it, and guess what the site is now up and running again. :smiley: I expressed my views in a previous post in a very diplomatic way as I was quite concerned for the reasons behind the closure:(

There are 2 popup windows that appear, but plz show some respect for the man, and don’t use popup banner killers:mad: If you are not happy then have a chat with the Admin! Just spare a thought, that site has been going for years, and then a closure, but now it’s back again, for good I hope:cool: One last word, don’t ruin it for the rest of us ok. Just take in what I written here in this post! No offence intended against anyone individual!

Greetz from The Diplomat:D

Hmm Interesting to see that its back. I just minimized the windows. Isnt this or was Divide-Zero’s page??