Here is my question



Ok, just trying to learn some more. Here is my question- it is a follow up on someone else's post, but I thought I should (obviously) post it in the Newbie forum as well. It is as Newbie as can be...




Would be easier for all of us if you asked your question, rather than pointing to another thread…saves us both some time I think…


I really wouldn’t mind doing that…but, my question is related to another discussion on the CloneCD forum. It is a discussion of about 4-5 posts, and I am not really sure how to recap the entire discussion for the purposes of my question. In summary, it has to do with someone who was having a problem burning a CD and their error message listed a cyclical error as being the problem. So, someone suggested using different media and that solved their problem. But, is the different media a different burning program or a different brand CDR?

(This is probably less helpful than I thought it would be…I think the link might be okay in this situation.)




The media is the CD-R, the disc that is, not the writer.

I hope that answers your question…


Yes, that totally helps me. Thanks again for your help…it is really appreciated.