Here is a bad pressed disc scan from a DVD-ROM



I had/have this Pioneer DVD-120 drive… I’ve never really cared for it. I recently decided to give it a try doing a transfer rate test on a pressed single sided dvd of a movie I have.

Check out this graph. Pathetic. Took it out of the machine again.


Methinks if you actually ran the full test, you would find that your burst rate is too low and that DMA was turned off for this drive.


The burst rate is 14500 or so, and DMA according to device manager is on in ATA-66 mode… I don’t understand it… I think it’s time to play with a different firmware, I’ll go do that now.


Burst rate should be above 20 MB/s. Is this external or internal?


Internal… ok here is my results from testing…

I tried and tried to flash in a plextor px-116a firmware but couldn’t get it to take it, so I gave up and instead flashed in a modded rpc-1 firmware ‘just in case’ because the previous one was rpc-2.

Infotool tells me the drive cannot support DVD+R discs but I’ve been burning them with booktype to dvd-rom so I give that a try.
Burst rate is 41 M/s, transfer rate is a smooth line all the way to 16x on a DATA disc.

So I try again with the pressed movie disc, burst rate is 14 M, and the line is suck like before.

What does this mean? The drive just can’t go fast on dvd-video?


I had an idea to use dvd-decryptor because what I was doing with cdspeed was to start a play, pause it, and then do the transfer rate test.

With dvd decryptor the same disc on the pioneer took 5 minutes 47 seconds, avg speed of 9x rip with a max speed of 12.9x

On my burner for comparison, it took 4 minutes 50 seconds with an average speed of 10.8x and a max speed of 16x.

So I guess the drive is ok after all and the burner being a minute faster makes sense because it’s newer hardware. I noticed the pioneer was quieter than the burner, but the pioneer wasn’t screwed to the case.


Huh. Usually the burst rate doesn’t change with different media. Oh well. I guess your drive might be slowing down due to CSS. Or maybe that pressed disc just isn’t that good and the drive is a bit picky. It is not too uncommon to have pressed discs that read worse than a burned disc.