Here come the 12 inch netbooks

I just posted the article Here come the 12 inch netbooks.

Two rival netbook makers, Acer and Asus, are readying 11.6-inch models, joining a class of larger netbooks established by Dell’s Inspiron Mini 12.

Acer’s Aspire One 751 was announced last month,…

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ack call me when they get the netbook tablet pcs thats when I might be interested as long as it is smaller than my current tablet pc.

The big question is: what’s the criteria for MS to consider if it’s a netbook or not? If the PC manufacturers start selling netbooks, with specs similar to notebooks, are they paying the “MS tax” in full or not? If not, MS profits will keep on going down. Which, in itself, is a very good thing. :slight_smile:

Speaking of profits, with Obama’s new rule, that American companies cannot keep profits, obtained abroad, outside of the US, MS will probably be hit very hard. Currently, they keep a gazillion of profit outside the US and thus avoid paying a lot of taxes. No more, says Obama. :cop:

a couple more inches and its going to be a freakin 15" laptop thats already been around the last decade…whats the point?

Exactly. In my mind, the 10 inch “netbook” is the perfect size. Because yes, it has a bigger screen, but the device is about the same size as the initial offerings, only the keyboard is a bit bigger, making it easier to use and the bezel around the screen is simply smaller. These netbooks are great for travel and surfing the Net or viewing photos from vacation or even carrying on a plane to watch a movie or listen to your music collection.

What netbook manufacturers should do at this point is work on making them lighter, faster and cheaper. they should strive to increase the length of time they can run on battery as they are mobile devices and make them able to handle more intense graphics, wireless N and Bluetooth, whilst keeping the price below 400 dollars. they should put the sqeeze on SSHDD manufacturers like they did MS, to drive down pricing by demand.

A 10 inch netboook that could perform well, Have a 200GB SSHDD run for 6 hours on battery, cost less than 400 and come in at let’s say 2.6 pounds would be nice. 2 pounds would be super!

I agree, 10" is the sweet spot for netbooks, the 12" will probably cost as much as a midrange 14" laptop considering most of the 10" guys cost more than what I paid for my low end 14" laptop, and even a low end laptop will blow an atom based netbook out of the water as far as performance is concerned (at the cost of battery life of course)

what I’d really like to see in the next gen netbooks is a better chipset, then I might consider one.