Hercules 3D Prophet 9800 XT 256DDR ! Just recived mine :)

Hi guys just recived my TURBO CHARGED graphics Adapter.

and let me tell you this WOW is all i have to say.

my 3dmarks speak for them self…

3dmarks 2003 : 6550
With overdrive : 6946

3dmarks 2001se : 19k
With overdrive : 20k+

Aquamark : 50K Range.


and this is out of the box my system is overclocked high but the card was stock default…
just emagine what i would get with it overclocked

i tested the ram for stability on overclock and it got up to 385mhz 2x = 770mhz and this was with HYNIX DDR with no artifacts :slight_smile:
the core i pushed it to 450mhz without artifacts i didnt push it any further as there is no need to overclock a card that can Cripple any game out there :smiley:

well just thought i would post my info`s im very happy with my new card… :bow: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: