Herbie: Fully Loaded

This was the greatest movie I’ve seen this year-even better than Star Wars, Batman Begins, or Mr. And Mrs. Smith. I got an endorphin rush watching it-really good vibes. I always get those from Lindsay Lohan. She is so awesome. I wish she was my girlfriend. I wouldn’t throw rocks at her or anything. I hope she never does a sleazy tramp role that would be weak. Stay PG Lindsay! The best movies are always those teeny bopper movies on opening day when there’s a bunch of youngsters enjoying and clapping and having fun-way better than the same old boring violence and other anxiety-inducing distractions. One time I saw Naked Gun 2 and a half with busloads and busload of kids, some kind of field trip-it was so great-they were howling at every joke all the way through. It was the best movie going experience I’ve ever had. But wow imagine the very ultimate would be to see the new Lindsay Lohan movie while holding Lindsay Lohan’s hand! And the whole theater is full of Lindsay Lohans and their all smiling at me and patting me on the back and holding my hands and kissing me on the cheeks. And then they’re all clapping and cheering for me and I’m like the star but I’m there too and there all we love you melonbread and running their fingers through my hair and complimenting me in the ears and shaking hands with my hand. Excuse me I’ll be back in exactly one minute.

You were high when watching it, weren’t you…

Yeah I was high…on Lindsay Lohan’s ass!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

No, seriously I am really in love with her, if you would give me her phone number it would be kopacetic and magnificent.


Sorry she’s mine and I won’t give her number. :stuck_out_tongue: