ok me my frend and a bunch of other tech pepole have been riping our hair out my frend has gotten this brand new benq and the dam thing whont register with the computer it a dvd cd reder and writer he grabed a few bk\lank cd copys the file to thhem no problem right well wrong the benq seems to wrtie perfectly well but it juast the reading party tryed upgradeing dribers frime ware evreything e coukld think of my frend even threted to beat the thing with his dads sledg hammer as if it ccould here him anyways any help whould be great and preferbly soon before my frend trys useing a perfectly good computer for shooting pratics or some other wired thing


Welcome Chris. If the drive has been beaten by a sledge hammer then you might just toss it away. :wink:

Okay, so it can write well but it can’t read?
Can you please tell us what is the model number (DW1650, DW1655, DW1670 etc)?
What is the problem when it failed to read? Any error log?