Helping With Ripping Correctly




ill start off by sayin hello and give you a little run down on what im trying to achive i have just attempted my first blu-ray to mkv i achived this by following this link but i have a couple of questions that id like to ask.

the video i was converting was Inglourious Basterds BluRay.
my main goal was to not touch the the video ie keep the same quality as the source i.e Blu-Ray 1080p & not worry about output file size.

i converted the DTS HD audio as per the link but i only seem to get audio out of my centre speaker? (on a 5.1 system) my amp is this one in the link below i connect via optical(SPDIF) & i no my amp can decode the following pro logic 2 & DTS Neo 6. why could it be that the audio is only like stereo and not 5.1?

Second qestion thats bugging me is i followed the settings in the link at the top of my post to convert my BluRay to Mkv but when it can to ripbot i set the Kbps to around 8000(i carnt rember the actual value but the one above 6367)

Does that make the end result better picture quality because i used a higher Kbps?
(also didnt use the resolution in the link as that is 1280x720 i went with 1280x1080)

and thirdly when ripbot was chomping away putting the audio/video together the bottoms status text showed the following

220091 Frames 10.26fps 8384kbps (obviously the fps were changing)

but the qestion i have about this is, does this fps here just display how may fps ripbot is doing, or is it displaying what the end result will be becuse i thought higher fps was better? slightly confused!

Thanks Guys/Girls Look Forward to lean more in this field of Knowledge