Helping Ripit: Post All Found Ads for 11/04 Here

Fry’s Electronics

Office Depot



Fry’s ad actually starts today. CompUSA ad isn’t up yet, only a 2-day sale.

Had to work the night shift so Obviously I did it late. I got kmart (media on media tab, 2 electronics pages on the last tab), office depot and compusa added. I couldn’t capture the frys images (I’ll have to look into that).

I work the evening shift tomorow, so with any luck, I’ll get them out early. Fyi, I couldn’t find any other ads either. Rumors on slick deals seem to think their might be some hot deals.


CompUSA is also live now.

Couldn’t sleep (keep waking up actually), added office max.

Thanks Negritude and ripit.:smiley: